Week 6 Preview...Browns At Steelers

Andrew LefflerContributor IOctober 14, 2009

CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 04:  Jerome Harrison #35 of the Cleveland Browns runs the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals during their game at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Bengals defeated the Browns 23-20 in overtime.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Its Steelers week out in Berea... Can't say im excited about that right now. With the Browns in their 24334634 rebuilding mode. The glaring holes on this Browns team are obvious, but hopefully Mangini can fix it over the next couple years.

I'm going to be completely honest, I am really not looking forward to this game on Sunday. Yes the Steelers aren't playing championship football right now, and yes, they are having trouble closing games out. But the Browns can't seem play with very much consistency.

Coming off one of the most pathetic displays of a football game. The Browns walked away with the win. Here is what we know...

1. Brian Daboll is better off coaching a middle school football team.

His play calling has been conservative to say the least. How many times is he going to send Cribbs in motion only to fake a reverse and run up the middle? Even the Bills wouldn't fall for after the 267th time. If he tries that against the Steelers more than twice, its going to be a long day.

If he plans on running on first and second down against this team, Dave Zastudil may set a new record for punts in a game. Daboll needs to somehow get the ball into his receivers hands to make this at least a somewhat close game. Which leads me to...

2. Receivers still can't catch.

Anderson's numbers would of been much better if it weren't for the nine or ten drops. Robert Royal shouldn't be the top target. Massaquoi needs to find a way to get open, Robiskie just needs to get in the game. I know he started last Sunday, but where was he? The Browns running backs needs to be used in the passing game more for this offense to be successful. Where are the screens that worked so well in the preseason?

3. The defense seems to be getting better every week.

Rob Ryan seems to be getting this defense on the same page. They played a pretty good game on Sunday. With all the movement on defense, the Bills couldnt get set and had a ton of false starts. Kamerion Wimbley continues to improve in this defense. D'Qwell Jackson is playing some pretty solid inside linebacker. Eric Wright is turning into an elite corner, and Mike Adams is filling in very well at the other corner.

The Browns will have to play a perfect game this week to beat the Steelers. When I say perfect, I mean the defense will have to put up at least seven points. Special teams will have to also put up seven. The offense can't mess up and DA can't blame the weather for misques...

Running the ball is key...I'm not saying Jamal has to go over 100 to be successful, but Harrison needs to get more touches. I think a successful game against the Steelers defense would have both guys getting 50-60 yards on the ground, and one or the other getting another 50 yards in receivng. DA can't have his usual drive-killing interception and has to complete his passes.

Like I said earlier I'm not really looking forward to this game. The Browns just have too many holes right now. The Steelers are the Steelers, so you better get some extra beer for Sunday. But hey stranger things have happened in the NFL...

My prediction: 34-13 Steelers.