Maria Menounos: Why We Will Be Seeing More Of The Greek Goddess In The WWE

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 14, 2009

When I was watching RAW Monday, I saw something special. It was the fact that we had a woman by the name of Maria Menounos on the show. While I am by no means going to say her performance was a part of the greatest female contests I have ever seen in the squared circle, it wasn't bad given that she is not really a pro-wrestler.

People should also remember that she hurt her hamstring while in training for her appearance, so she was out there doing more than what most would have thought. I personally knew she was getting into the ring because of the training she was doing in California, but when I heard she hurt her hamstring just a few days before, I thought it was scratched from the show.

But, because Double M loves the WWE so much, and dreamed of competing in the ring, she sucked up all pain and went ahead and dove into the WWE world. While she didn't do a lot in the ring, she did impress me.

She has done more than any other woman who has been a guest or guest host for the WWE, except for Trish Stratus. But can we really compare her to Stratus, who is probably the best female wrestler to ever be in the WWE? That wouldn't be fair.

I mean, we are talking about a celebrity who has never been known for her athletic skill. Yet, she stepped into a ring that many, including the entire offensive line and QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers were afraid to step into because they thought they would get hurt.

Of course, it is the middle of the football season and you wouldn't want anyone hurt. And lets face it, Big Ben has been known for getting hurt outside of the football field.

Still though, Maria showed what she could do, and she did quite well. The entire night I was impressed with both she and Nancy O'Dell. It was actually one of my favorite RAW shows of the past few months.

Also, I don't know if anyone could tell, but the WWE did get a little edgier in a few segments. It was all ok too, because it all fit in PG. People don't realize how much you can put into PG, and apparently the WWE didn't for some time.

So, its about time they did, because this show turned out to be great. And, both O'Dell and Menounos excelled beyond all expectations.

But the one that stood out in my mind will continue to be the Greek Goddess Maria Menounos.

The WWE is also impressed with her, and are in talks about booking her for more upcoming events. It is said that they would love to have her perform regularly.

I don't think she will take them up on that offer though, because she is very busy in the TV and Movie scene. She has numerous TV endeavors going on right now, and it would be impossible for her to come in a lot.

But, a few appearances wouldn't hurt at all.

I'd want to bring her in part-time, where she would do TV spots and no house shows. She could also take breaks every few months, that way she could do movie or TV projects without being held down by the WWE.

But before all of this, she'd need more training in the ring. Which means a few trips to FCW a week.

It is one idea, but I am sure the WWE has thought about a similar move. She is said to be a big WWE fan and has always wanted to be a part of the WWE, so if she now has that opportunity, there is no reason she would turn it down if she is available.

Also, she should keep in mind the WWE has something called WWE Films. Which the WWE knows as well as I and everyone reading this article, that she could be a big help to that.

There are numerous reasons why they would want to bring her in more often, so the WWE is interested naturally. It all hinges on when Double M is available, and/or if she we want to leave some TV or Movie projects to come to the WWE.