Kick Rocks Stephen Jackson, You Will Be Boo'd On Opening Night

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2009

Stephen Jackson's true colors have shown as the relationship between Golden State and Jackson has turned ugly.

Jackson has turned his back on Golden State. All that's left is waiting for when the end will come when Jackson no longer wears a Warriors jersey.

You can have all the talent and money in the world, but without a positive attitude you are nothing.

Jackson doesn't have a positive attitude.

Before all of the trade talks in New York, the thing that bothered me most about Stephen Jackson's game is how he handles himself on the court. If Jackson drives to the hoop and doesn't get a foul call, he yells and screams and doesn't get back on defense.

Jackson gets too involved with refs and loses focus on the game. To me Stephen Jackson has always been a real negative person if he doesn't get his way.

Stephen Jackson repeats over and over, "It's all about winning, I want to be on a team that will win."

Coach Don Nelson told him before the 2008-2009 season that the Warriors are in a rebuilding mode and would look to play the younger guys more minutes and that if he liked, the Warriors would look to trade Jackson.

Stephen Jackson said he was happy to be a Warrior. Not only that, he signed a four year, $28 million dollar contract extension.

Stephen Jackson is garbage, and a liar. It's not about winning, it's about money. It's going to be very hard for the Warriors to find a trading partner that will take that contract with Jackson being 31 years old.

I've been a Warriors fan all my life. However in all my years of following the Dubs I have never seen a player act the way he did in his recent public interviews with the media.

Jackson reported that he no longer wants to be the captain of Golden State, and that being a captain is overrated.

Jackson went on to say that he was upset with Don Nelson for being suspended for two games, in which he was fined $140,000 dollars.

Well Stephen Jackson, if your dumb ass wasn't so stupid then you wouldn't get suspended or fined.

The fact of the matter is you needed to be suspended, and the Warriors need to get rid of you ASAP because right now I don't trust you anymore. You're acting like a baby. How dare you turn your back on the Warriors fan base?

How do we know if you are playing in games and missing shots on purpose? In the game vs the Lakers you had five fouls and got T'ed up in the first nine mintues of the game. We don't need that negative attitude in our locker room.

Stephen Jackson is a hot head and doesn't know how to control his emotions on or off the court. If the Warriors are going to be bad, then I rather us be bad without Stephen Jackson.

As a Warriors fan I understand that we have one of the worst owners/team president/GM in the NBA, but that still doesn't change my love for the team.

However if we keep Stephen Jackson on our roster it will only prove how dumb we are as a franchise. Stephen Jackson is a joke. I don't care what we get in return, just having him off the roster is what matters most.

Jackson is the classic me-first type of player, the kind of guy who thinks he's better then he really is. Just look at his evil smile.

On Wednesday October 28, when the Houston Rockets come to Oakland to face the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Jackson will be booed every time he touches the ball.

Eff you, Stephen Jackson.

I hope your Mom steals money from your wallet when you are sleeping.