NCAA Week Seven Top 25: Florida Maintains Top Spot After Defensive Showing

The SportmeistersAnalyst IOctober 14, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 10:  Patrick Peterson #7 of the Louisiana State University Tigers tackles quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators at Tiger Stadium on October 10, 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

By Ryan of The Sportmeisters 

The SEC is holding down the top few spots, and No. 2 Texas can gain some ground with a good showing this weekend. The first BCS rankings come out next week. Who’s looking at a title shot?

1. Florida (Last Week: 1)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Arkansas

A conservative offense and a powerful defense led the way against LSU. Can the offense find their rhythm against Arkansas?


2. Texas (Last Week: 2)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 16 Oklahoma

Most polls have Texas behind Alabama, but I credit a look-ahead to the Red River Shootout as far as Texas’s sloppy play last week. Expect a good game this weekend.


3. Alabama (Last Week: 3)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 21 South Carolina

The Crimson Tide put down Ole Miss pretty handily, and a convincing win here could bump them up when the BCS standings come out Sunday.


4. USC (Last Week: 5)

Next Game: 10/17 at No. 23 Notre Dame

The Trojans still have an outside shot of getting back into the national title picture, but need a win in South Bend this weekend.


5. Ohio State (Last Week: 6)

Next Game: 10/17 at Purdue

While the focus is always on QB Terrelle Pryor, don’t sleep on the defense, giving up an average of 12 points per game.


6. Virginia Tech (Last Week: 8 )

Next Game: 10/17 at No. 11 Georgia Tech

The Hokies put down Miami earlier in the season, and a win against the ranked Yellow Jackets would further cement their top 10 status.


7. TCU (Last Week: 7)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Colorado State

The Falcons almost pulled off the upset, which is why they don’t move up in the polls.


8. Boise State (Last Week: 9)

Next Game: 10/14 at Tulsa

Boise State is a top team in the polls, but how will the BCS shape up when it comes out Sunday?


9. Miami (Last Week: 10)

Next Game: 10/17 at UCF

First it was FSU, then it was FAMU, and now UCF. Is Miami trying to beat all the Florida based teams?


10. LSU (Last Week: 4)

Next Game: Idle

The Tigers couldn’t muster any offense, and now must sit and stew at what could have been.


11. Georgia Tech (Last Week: 11)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 6 Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech’s defense forgot to show up last weekend, but they still pulled out the win. Another performance like that might not yield the same results.


12. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 12)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Texas A&M

The loss of Dez Bryant didn’t affect the offense, but it almost allowed the defense to blow their game last week.


13. Penn State (Last Week: 13)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Minnesota

JoePa is gaining a larger and larger lead over Bobby Bowden, as long as Penn State keeps winning.


14. Kansas (Last Week: 16)

Next Game: 10/17 at Colorado

How does Kansas keep sliding up the polls, without facing any real challengers?


15. BYU (Last Week: 17)

Next Game: 10/17 at San Diego State

If BYU claims the MWC Title, will it matter if they are not in the BCS Bowl Games?


16. Oklahoma (Last Week: 18)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 2 Texas

The Sooners have lost two matchups against ranked opponents, but a win this weekend in the Red River Shootout could change all that.


17. Cincinnati (Last Week: 19)

Next Game: 10/17 at No. 22 South Florida

The Bearcats get one of their biggest matchups of the season against USF.


18. Nebraska (Last Week: 20)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Texas Tech

The Cornhuskers came back in a rain storm, but Texas Tech has a high powered offense that has to be stopped.

19. Oregon (Last Week: 21)

Next Game: Idle

The Ducks get a week off, and continue to listen to the LeGarrette Blount dilemma.


20. Iowa (Last Week: 22)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Wisconsin

Iowa is much higher in the polls, but I don’t feel they have earned it yet.


21. South Carolina (Last Week: 23)

Next Game: 10/17 at No. 2 Alabama

Can Spurrier find that ole ball club magic and get another upset?


22. South Florida (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 17 Cincinnati.

An inside track to the Big East championship awaits the victors.


23. Notre Dame (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. No. 4 USC

The Irish join the polls, and could make a big jump with a win this weekend.


24. Auburn (Last Week: 14)

Next Game: 10/17 vs. Kentucky

One week after joining the polls, the Tigers are on life support following their loss to Arkansas.


25. Houston (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/17 at Tulane

We welcome Houston back to the polls, filling in at 25.