Nebraska Cornhuskers Ready for Revenge on Texas Tech Red Raiders

Josh KleinCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2009

Joe Ganz's untimely overtime interception.  Every Husker fan remembers this image from a year ago when the Husker's dropped a stunner on the road 37-31 in overtime.  It's an image that represents many things to this avid Husker fan. 

One: A missed opportunity to take down the number seven ranked team in the nation as a marquee win on the road.

Two: A turn around in a season full of unfounded hope-fullness and culminating with a big win in the Gator Bowl against the Clemson Tigers.

Three: It represents the mental toughness of the Pelini era.  A team that never quits, never surrenders and always bounces back.

These things are mostly positive.  And after a huge come from behind win in Columbia, Missouri last Thursday night I'm sure every Husker fan though the same thing the following day.

It is time to avenge that overtime loss.

If there ever was a Husker team ready to avenge this loss it is this Husker team this season behind the legs of Roy Helu Junior and the animalistic power of Ndamukong Suh.

Texas Tech fans must be concerned going into their third away game of the season. 

Why?  Well for starters their previous two road games, at Texas and at Houston ended in losses.  Also, this same Nebraska team was a team that took them into overtime and was an overtime touchdown and extra point away from dropping the mighty duo of Harrell and Crabtree for the first time in 2008.

This time, the game is in Lincoln, and this time, the Huskers are more prepared than ever.

Nebraska sports the second ranked scoring defense in the nation giving up only eight points a game.  They also come in with a defensive tackle that Texas Tech's make-shift offensive line has never seen before and will never see the likes of again this season.

With a suspect defense that gave up 28 points to the New Mexico Lobos, a team that hasn't posted a game over twenty points before or after that game. 

This is a Texas Tech team in the midst of a quarterback controversy as Taylor Potts went out with a concussion and invigorating junior Steven Sheffield came in and lit up the stat column not only with his arm but with his legs.

But the questions remain about this Texas Tech team.  Sure, we all know that Mike Leach will produce offense, and sure, we all know that any quarterback can excel in his system. 

But even in his best years, before Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree, the mad scientist was only able to amass enough wins to remain respectable.  Never surpassing the likes of Oklahoma or Texas.

And it seems that this season might fill that bill once again.

Baron Batch is the key to success for the Red Raider offense, along with Tremain Swindall and Detron Lewis.

But there is no Michael Crabtree and there is no Graham Harrell, and maybe even more importantly there is no Brandon Williams or McKinner Dixon. 

The defense is inconsistent and the offense is without a true leader and it shows on the road.

If ever there was a time for revenge and for further improvement in the National Media's eye it is now for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

A win is not only plausible but probable.  New Mexico threw for over four hundred yards on the Red Raiders and the Longhorns, a team with a much maligned rushing attack, ran for over one-hundred and thirty yards against the Red Raiders.

Since the conditions on Sunday look to be less horrifying than they were last Thursday this is a game that:

1. Zac Lee can prove his accuracy

2. Roy Helu can prove his dominance

3. Ndamukong Suh can prove his Heisman status is no joke

In the end it isn't as much about revenge as it is about burying the hatchet for Pelini and crew.

Superior talent, a home field advantage, and superior line play all the way around should be enough for Nebraska to win this one. 

And I think they win it in fairly comfortable fashion with the number fourteenth ranked passing defense in the country (first in the conference), and the thirteenth ranked total defense in the country holding the vaunted Texas Tech attack to less than thirty points for the third time this season (other two were losses.)

And I think Nebraska's offense finally finds an identity in a big game, and we see big game from Roy Helu Junior, Zac Lee, Niles Paul and Curenski Gilleylen.  The nations fifteenth ranked scoring offense will once again put up over thirty on an opponent at home this season.

I see Nebraska's return to the top fifteen and raise you a 38-24 Husker victory on Saturday over the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lincoln.


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