College FB Championship Chase: Week 6 Stock Report

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2007

IconSome things we learned from Week Six of the college football season....

If WVU had beaten South Florida, the Mountaineers would be No. 2 this week.

Okay, that felt good to get off my chest.

Of course, I believe in Random Uncertainty, so there’s no way of knowing if USC would have still lost to Stanford if WVU had won...or if Florida would have two losses, or if Oklahoma would have lost to Colorado.

I know—I'm sounding like that annoying Frenchman in the Matrix sequel giving his causality I’m going to stop.
More prosaic lessons:

USC, while a terrific team, is not elite enough to avoid crazy upset losses. Finally—FINALLY—Fate catches up with Wisconsin and they’re exposed as the worst undefeated team in the Top 25...AS I'VE BEEN SAYING.

LSU is the best team in college football. But we already knew that. Missouri is also for real. And Ohio State is REALLY for real.

Oregon? Puh-lease. We still don’t know how good Cincinnati is, but we know they don’t suck.

And Illinois?

Wow. Just plain wow.
The Big Board (per USA Today/Coaches Poll rankings)
1. LSU: UP

The Tigers look strong and superbad—and their position is undergirded by Southern Cal’s weird, Appy State-style upset loss.
2. Cal: UP (but shouldn't be)

Only the Fates have placed Cal No. 2. The Golden Bears won't be a factor in the BCS title game.
3. Ohio State: UP SHARPLY

I gotta say—I think it might be LSU and Ohio State for all the marbles. (Can you believe it? Rebuilding? Ha!)

 4. Boston College: UP

Enjoy the ride, Jesuits! Won’t last long...

5. Oklahoma: UP

C’mon, Missouri—Texas failed, you must not.
5. South Florida: UNCHANGED   

Living in the rarefied air. Could stay there if Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Louisville don’t do their duties. For God’s sake, do your duties!

7. Southern Cal: DOWN SHARPLY

What the hell are they still doing in the Top 10? C’mon, voters—you dropped Michigan out of the Top 25...and Stanford would lose to Appy State.

8. Oregon: UP

Say what? Will not be a factor in the title game.
9. WVU: UP

Crazy scenario: Boston College takes two ACC losses, Cal takes the USC loss, USC loses to Arizona State or Oregon, Oklahoma loses to Mizzou, South Florida takes two Big East losses, Ohio State loses to two of Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, or Michigan...and BAM!—WVU’s right back up there.

Yes, yes, nurse. I’ll take my Ritalin now.
10. Virginia Tech: UNCHANGED

Not a factor.
Delisted from the Big Board

No. 14 Florida: You can win a national title with one loss, like the Gators did last year—but not two.
No. 15 Wisconsin: Only the Badgers' win streak kept them in the game; no one thought they were that good, and now they’re out of the race.
Hot Stocks to Watch

No. 11 Missouri: If they beat Oklahoma and win the Big 12 title game, maybe...but I think they started too far back.
No. 13 Arizona State: Need to win out in the Pac-10—but if they do and Ohio State falters, they're right in it.
No. 17 Cincinnati: Same dealio as Mizzou.


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