Amazing NBA Fantasy Game On The Rise: Play The NBA Stock Exchange!

MR. MARKCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2009

The NBA Stock Exchange is one of the best fantasy games ever created, a game that everyone can play on

I'm not going to explain why the game is so fun and amazing, because I don't need to. All I'm going to do is ask for you to sign up and play, as it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll be hooked after you get started.

It's 100% completely free.

The NBA Stock Exchange is a fantasy game where you have the opportunity to become a general manager. The object of the game is to earn as much fantasy points and money as possible.

You go about doing this by assembling a roster, which will give you fantasy points and money depending on how well the individuals actually play in real life. Every manager has a salary cap, and that salary cap constantly changes depending on how well you are managing your team.

You can buy players, sell players, and trade players to achieve as much fantasy points as possible, as well as trying to raise your individual salary cap.

The key to the game is to buy smart assets (players), that will eventually give you the biggest returns. Everyone has a small salary cap to start, so strategy is essential.

Some players will automatically buy the biggest Superstars, but will greatly sacrifice their cap space and team depth. Others will buy no name players to begin with, but will have a tremendous amount of cap room and flexibility later on.

The power and choice is up to you!

Your success in the game will reflect your knowledge of the NBA.

There's a league exclusively for Bleacher Report members, but time and room is running out so you need to sign up fast!

1) Go to, and register on the website. To register takes less than five minutes, so don't be lazy, be strong and blow past the tedious task of signing up.

2) After you have signed up, go to the "Fantasy" tab, find NBA Stock Exchange, and sign up for the game.

3) You need to join a league to play in, or else the game won't be much fun. Luckily, I have an invite for you to join the Bleacher Report exclusive membership league.

Go to the "My Leagues" Tab on your NBASE dashboard. To the right, you should see a "Invited to a League?" sign. Enter the league ID, the enter the password.






You've done it! You've joined the rest of Bleacher Report on the NBA Stock Exchange game! Now the game will start at the beginning of the NBA season, so assemble your rosters carefully and watch your cap room.