Dear Marcel Bellefeuille: If You Want To Win, Put Kevin Glenn In

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2009

So, it's come down to this. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are tied with a disaster walking in the Blue Bombers, who I give credit for playing some good games. But, regardless, Hamilton should not be tied with Winnipeg, and everyone knows this.

A few weeks ago, they were shoo-ins for the playoffs, and now they find themselves fighting to secure a playoff birth and are forcing fans to ask, if they do make the playoffs, "Can they do any damage?"

Now, I know the recent dropped catches by Hamilton receivers and the brutal kicking by Nick Setta has not helped the Ti-Cats win games. But it all falls on quarterback Quinton Porter's shoulders, as he's been struggling as of late.

The quarterback sets the tone of the game, and, well, if your quarterback fumbles the ball twice (one leading to a touchdown), it sets a bad tone. The Ti-Cats have lost four of their last five games and what it comes down to is that Porter is not getting rid of the ball quick enough.

So, as Arland Bruce said, according to the Hamilton Spectator, "Let's call a spade a spade: Kevin Glenn is better than Porter. No disrespect to Porter, he's a great guy, but Glenn is the better quarterback, You need the better quarterback in there if you want to get some type of opportunity in the playoffs. Period."

As bold as that may be, it obviously comes from many frustrated people who were thinking it, fans and players included. It just so happens that Bruce was bold enough to say it.

Now, Quinton, I believe you're a good quarterback, and soon you will put down any doubt people have in you. But you have to realize that something's happened, and it's obvious that change needs to happen for the better of the team.

So it's time for you to sit back and take notes on the bench and give Glenn a chance to see if he can turn things around. You are in a slump and that happens, but you are costing the team, your team.

But I'm not going to blame this only on you, as your head coach, Marcel Bellefeuille realized things needed to be shaken up to help get his team out of this slump, but he continued to do the same damn thing hoping for some thing to just magically change.

So, Marcel, I must tell you something: QUIT DICKING AROUND AND DO SOMETHING!

Setta is missing field goals like you wouldn't believe, and Porter is taking too damn long to get rid of the ball.

It's one or the other or maybe even both. Regardless, you now find yourself tied for possibly the last playoff spot and heading to face the best team in Montreal. You are going to have a tough time getting a win there even if you are on a winning streak despite the offensive slump.

It's almost guaranteed you not only won't get a win, but you will get your asses handed to you on a silver platter. So, for the love of all humanity, put Glenn in. You know it's the right thing to do and that everything is pointing to him as the answer.

If he plays poorly, well now you know he's not the answer, but for God's sake you have to give him a chance; he's just got a million good vibes glowing off of him. When one of the best players of all time says it's time, and when he starts dropping passes he usually catches, you know it's time. 

Regardless of what you feel in your heart, you've got to use your brain and do what's right. And I'm pretty sure you know what that right is when you come back from a 31-0 deficit in a quarter and a bit to actually make it look like a decent loss of 38-28.

When the team scores four touchdowns in like 17 minutes, it's because they were starting to mesh and get out of that slump. It's because of Kevin Glenn. Everything is going right when Glenn is on the field, and, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Porter.

Do you want to kill those sparks or let it work itself into a fire? Putting Porter in will kill those sparks, while Glenn has these sparks starting to smolder and everything pointing to this becoming a fire.