College Football Week 6: Rinse and Repeat

Dan BurgesContributor IOctober 13, 2009

Rich Rodriguez pulled his star freshman quarterback, Tate Forcier, for what appeared to be nothing more than “you didn’t score a touchdown on this drive,” to which his replacement, Denard Robinson, promptly threw an interception. Sometimes you just have to wonder what coaches are thinking…

A lesson in how to be suspended for the remainder of the season and potentially ruin your chance at a career in the NFL, brought to you by Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State University.

Step one. Visit Deion Sanders, a former NFL player, and work out with him.

Step two. Lie about it to the NCAA. Rinse and repeat not necessary. Of course this whole situation begs the question, “Why was the NCAA asking in the first place?” What he did wasn’t against the rules. But that’s another topic for another article on how much better off college football would be without the NCAA and the BCS.

Another lesson in how to be suspended and potentially ruin your chance at a career in the NFL, brought to you by Kenny Vaccaro, University of Texas.

Step one. Go to the gym.

Step two. Punch some guy in the face. Rinse and repeat also not necessary.

On the coaching side of things, Bobby Bowden’s stock at Florida State University seems to be plummeting faster than the stock market in 2008. While his future seems all but in the groundfans are encouraged to wear black in protest or come dressed as empty seats. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger son of a b…I mean…nicer guy.

Oklahoma and Texas both managed an underwhelming performance against Baylor (3-2) and Colorado (1–4), respectively, with the Sooners leading 14–7 at the half and the Longhorns trailing 14–10.

Though both managed to pull away in the second half for sound victories, neither team should have struggled in the first place. Apparently voters were not impressed either, as both teams slipped a spot in the AP poll.

Unranked, unloved, yet undefeated Wisconsin went toe-to-toe with the Buckeyes of Ohio State, but in the end, speed killed the Badgers while the Vest and crew ran away with the victory, 31–13.


The Big Winners:


Nebraska, which came storming back in the second half, overcoming a 12–0 deficit to end the Huskers’ 10-game losing streak against ranked teams. In a sloppy game on a sloppy field, the Huskers’ defense showed glimpses of the black shirts of old as they shut down the Tigers, leading to a 27 point fourth quarter.

Army won a thrilling game in OT, stripping the ball from Vanderbilt’s running back inches before he crossed the goal line. Change of possession, field goal, Army wins, and the cadets storm the field. GO ARMY!

Florida’s defense manned up and held the LSU offense to a mere three points. While LSU’s D had more holes than Swiss cheese, Tebow and the Florida offensive machine were only able to manage 13 points, but with the help of Spikes and the rest of that brutal defense, it proved to be more than enough.


Alabama jumped over Texas in the AP poll after the sound thumping it gave to Ole Miss. Even though Snead was relieved to lose and not have so much pressure on him anymore, Bama has been looking better and better with every weekend, and if Satan hold’s up his end of the deal with Nick Saban, it should give Florida a run for its money this year.

Virginia Tech’s season-opening loss to Alabama will be all but forgotten at the end of the season if it keeps destroying ACC teams like it has done to BC and Miami.


The Big Losers


Florida State… I know, I know, it technically is always in the Big Loser category, but after losing to Georgia Tech at home, it is cemented in the loser’s bracket for the remained of Bowden’s career…all two or three weeks of it.

Texas A&M was playing Okie Lite (sans Dez Bryant), at home, with an army of alumni referee’s on the field, and still managed to lose. When Baylor is your “rival” game for the season (i.e. the one team in your division you think you’ll beat), it’s going to be a rough year. As Joe R, long-time .260 Hitters reader and lifetime Aggie, eloquently stated, “We couldn’t catch a cold.” Well said.

Michigan’s late game drive and score was too little, too late (like whiteout on a coach’s contract), as the Wolverine’s drop two in a row. Luckily they get a break next weekend as they host Delaware State (who?) before hosting the Nittany Lions of Penn State the following Saturday en route to a 7–5 season.


What’s Next

Over-ranked Boise State (No. 5) travels to Tulsa for a Wednesday night television spot. The Broncos should have no troubles with the Hurricanes if they are truly the No. 5 team in the countryI guess we’ll find out.

No. 8 Cincinnati takes on No. 21 South Florida in what should be a fun Thursday night game. The Bearcats have been a surprise team this season, going into this week 5–0, but South Florida is riding high after stomping FSU two week ago and feels it has just as good a shot at the Big East title. Cincy by seven.

No. 11 Iowa travels to Madison where the Badgers lick their wounds and try to get their season back on tracksomething they must do if the Big Ten title is to become a reality. The Hawkeyes are probably the most bipolar team in the country this year but tend to play at the level of their opponents, so it should be a fun one to watch.

Iowa by three.

No. 1 Florida hosts Arkansas…it’s going to be a long 60 minutes for the Hogs.

No. 15 Nebraska hosts Texas Tech. As the one-loss duo square off in Nebraska, the Huskers face their second test if they have actually returned to dominance in the Big 12 North. Last weekend it faked they slept for three quarters, but crammed a whole game’s worth of offense into the fourth. I’m not saying Tech is better than Missouri, but barring torrential downpour, it’s going to take more than 27 points for the Huskers to win this one.

38–35, Nebraska.

Georgia vs. Vanderbilt. Georgia may win the game, but this Vanderbilt team is capable.

No. 4 Virginia Tech at No. 19 Georgia Tech could be interesting. The Hokies managed to make things entirely too close against Duke a few weeks back. They better not repeat that same performance, as the Yellow Jackets won’t give the Hokies nearly as many opportunities to recover.

Game to Watch

The Red River Shootout (how the word “shootout” has become politically incorrect is beyond me, but it’ll always be called that no matter what AT&T says), kicks off at 11 a.m. (Central) on Saturday. Oklahomawith Heisman winner Sam Bradford back at the helmwill come into the game with two plans of attack. Plan A: Blow Texas away in the first quarter and win by 30 points. Or if that doesn’t work, they will transition to Plan B: lose.

While Texas’ defense and special teams got the job done against Colorado, the offense is going to have to step it up in Dallas, particularly the Horn’s running game, which has been mediocre at best (and abysmal at worst) this season. Texas wins 45–35 (for old times’ sake).


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