Big WWE Diva Trade: Some Good, Some Just Plain Stupid!

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 13, 2009

As we heard on WWE RAW last night, Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell engineered a divas trade with the other GMs over the weekend. But of course, let's cut the kayfabe. O'Dell didn't really do this, it was all the WWE's doing.

Some of the trades were made to help the brands out, because apparently the creative teams for both shows feel they have "done all they can do" with the female talent they had.

Some of the trades make sense, because they can help out the rosters they went to. Others are quite stupid, and I feel they should not have been done.

Lets go over the trades:

Melina traded from SmackDown to RAW
Beth Phoenix traded from RAW to SmackDown
Mickie James traded from RAW to SmackDown
Rosa Mendes traded from RAW to ECW
Brie and Nikki Bella traded from ECW to RAW
Eve traded from SmackDown to RAW

Melina was traded for one simple reason, she hates SmackDown. She really didn't like working on SmackDown when she was there before, which was why she left SmackDown for RAW a while back.

Then, in the WWE Draft a few months back, she was traded to SmackDown. She was needed there to boost the roster a bit, considering they didn't have a great face diva there at the time.

But, she expressed her discomfort there numerous times. So much so that she was punished for it, some say she lost her Women's Title because of it. Of course, that is just rumored.

In any case, the WWE felt that if they were going to do this trade, that they needed to trade her to RAW where she really wanted to be.

Mickie James was traded to SmackDown to basically take her place, which was why she had to drop her Diva's Title last night to Jillian. Of course, because Jillian is clearly not championship material, the win had to be tainted a bit. Jillian used the ropes and James had her foot on the rope.

Then, O'Dell came out and told us about the trade, which was when she put Melina in the Diva's Title match against Jillian. Melina then won the title off of her.

Rosa Mendes' trade to ECW was good to me, considering she is not a great performer yet and ECW is for those types of people.

I am a bit on the fence with Eve being traded, she is good enough to move on up to RAW, but she was doing well with Cryme Tyme on SmackDown. So, the trade I feel came at a wrong time for her.

But, trading Beth Pheonix and the Bellas is just plain dumb.

Look, if you are going to trade people from ECW trade Katie Lea to RAW. She is completely deserving, not the Bellas. I know they are good looking, and not too bad in the ring, but clearly Katie Lea needs to move to RAW to further her career.

Trading Beth to SmackDown helps the blue brand out a lot, but kills RAW. You now have two big time heel Divas on SmackDown in Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix. Who does RAW have?

Maryse is just now making her way back from knee surgery, we don't know how well she is going to do in her comeback. She is rumored to be back in the next few weeks, but I don't think she should be put right back into the title hunt upon her return.

And can we really say Alicia Fox is ready to be a big heel on RAW? I don't think so.

SmackDown now has James, Phoenix, McCool, and Natalya. RAW has a lot of good looking young Divas, but not people who can carry the brand just yet. Melina is really the only big time face Diva there.

Sure, Gail Kim is great and all, but she is being misused and clearly not ready for the Divas Title considering there has been no push done for her.

Again, Maryse is there as a heel, and is the only one who can be in the title hunt on that side of the ball. Fox just got a nice title match a few weeks ago at Hell in a Cell, but she didn't look great in it to me, sorry to say.

She is just not ready, which leaves Maryse alone in the title hunt for the heels. Fox can improve of course, but the WWE is banking a lot on her doing so. She is also just now getting into the title hunt, so putting her as the number two heel, is a bit premature.

If you wanted her to get into that type of slot, you should have pushed her a while back, so its at least believable. I feel she has a future in the WWE, but again, the WWE is banking a lot on that, and it might not pay off.

Everyone else is a face, and with Eve coming to RAW and the Bellas, it just adds to the face power there.

Losing Beth hurt RAW a lot, and I feel it is a huge mistake on the WWE. If you had to trade her, then put McCool on RAW. Which would not hurt SmackDown, because they have another person they could push into the title hunt in Natalya. People forget, she did wrestle against McCool for the Diva's Title when it first came to the WWE.

The trade both helped and hurt SmackDown and RAW, and ECW wasn't really phased. ECW wasn't because they don't have a title for women, unlike RAW and SmackDown.

But what do you think about the trade? Were all the moves good, or just a few?