Reviewing Week Six - Part II

The Honorable JJ Reynolds, IICorrespondent IOctober 7, 2007

Michigan, this whole year is ALL your fault.

It's not Oklahoma's because that was so last year...

Ok so, Beamerball is officially back in Blacksburg.

Yet, they still haven't figured out how to play offense.

Yeah, the Vols are back too.

Georgia, did you miss the memo there was a game to play?

Oh well for "Road Warrior" Richt.

I forgot, he only beats RANKED teams on the road...

Could the Heisman race be anymore clouded?

I've noticed, no one's screaming about Brennan at Hawai'i...

I hate when teams score garbage touchdowns in the last minute.

Yes, I'm talking to you, Purdue.

USC > Michigan. Stanford < Appalachian State = USC/Stanford, bigger upset.

Charlie Weis can finally sleep easy.

If Stanford can beat USC on the road, could Notre Dame at home?

I'm loving that Buckeye defense right now...

Leave it to Spurrier to ruin a guy's dreams.

Everyone who isn't a fan, probably thinks he's the anti-christ...

I can't wait until South Carolina and Tennessee play.

Nor can I wait until South Carolina hosts Florida...

Death Valley is the loudest place on earth.

Even when they are winning by 41...

I know that, because I watched them pound Virginia Tech, in person.

Although, the records list Autzen Stadium (Oregon) as the loudest.

Damn 2006 Oklahoma game, no WONDER... (126 dB recording)

Butch Davis still has Miami's number, sort of...

Georgia Tech, wtf.

Who gets another F for the week? Clemson's special teams.

Poor, poor Syracuse.

Ok Hawai'i, Utah State is winless. You're at home. 37 points?

Don't be surprised if the BCS overlooks you.

Poor, poor Iowa.

Congrats to all the underachievers doing well...

Boo to all the powers crumbling under pressure.

I'm waiting for South Florida's bubble to burst.

Boston College's too, for that matter.

And TCU was a "BCS Contender" to start the year...

Rutgers - my how a year changes things.

I feel so sorry for Brian Brohm.

Petrino too, look at that debacle he got in the Falcons.

Petrino + Louisville = meant to be...

Michigan, you can only beat your directional brethren by 11? Lame...

I plan on buying a Jim Tressel wardrobe, soon...

The whole Nebraska "Blackshirts" moniker needs to cease, NOW.

Missouri has scored 41 on the Huskers the last 3 times they've visited...

You know Pete Carroll absolutely HATES "Jimmy H" right now.

"Jimmy" should have talked more pre-season Pac 10 trash, seriously...

And why are the Trojans #7 in both BCS formulating polls?

UCLA - paper bags to cover your face at games are on sale today...

I would have added Louisville, but they might just want to not show up instead...

Yeah, I can't wait for BCS Edition One, coming this Monday...

Let's hope this next week is calmer, I don't think my heart can take much more...


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