A Suggestion for Those Duke Football Fans

Mike KlineAnalyst IOctober 13, 2009

DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 18: Fans of the Duke Blue Devils watch the action during the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Wallace Wade Stadium on October 18, 2008 in Durham, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Well I had initially planed to write a letter to Duke's football fans, however, ESPN ACC Blogger Heather Dinich beat me to the punch.

Kudos to Dinich and I bow to her foresight to write such a letter because it was very much needed to awaken the dormant Blue Devil Football fans.

Here, see for your self.

So seeing as my original idea has already been taken care of, I thought I might go in a different direction.

Duke Football, at least this week, appears to be taken serious steps to removing the "joke" label. They are currently 3-3 (1-1 ACC) and are showing actual signs of being a pretty good football team.

Beside the fact that they still have nothing that even remotely resembles a running game, the team has gotten considerably better in every facet of the game since week one.

Once Duke starts winning more consistently, the only thing that will separate them from most run-of-the mill college football teams is the fact they have no solid fan base.

Sure there are the old timers who have supported the Blue Devils since their heyday, but the younger generation just isn't tuning in or showing up for games.

Say what you will about Duke being a private school and not having as large of a fan base, but when Wallace Wade seems more like home games for visiting teams than away games, something isn't quite right.

Now let’s just say for the sake of argument that Duke starts to make some noise this year and Duke fans do come out to see for themselves.

As an observer of The Triangle's programs, I can tell you with almost certainty that Blue Devils fans will want to steer clear of the delusions of grandeur that have plagued rivals NC State and North Carolina.

Both of those programs had high expectations coming into this season to only see them put out mediocre efforts. Granted, they are results that Duke Football would love to have in some respects, but nonetheless, some of the expectations were, shall we say, a bit unrealistic.

Duke Fan, don't let this be you.

If the Blue Devils start winning, it is perfectly fine to pound your chest a little bit and brag on the team, but for the love of everything holy don't start boasting of championships and undefeated seasons.

With winning comes the bandwagon effect, and while Duke's bandwagon is still searching for that spare wheel, North Carolina and NC State's bandwagons seem to be plummeting from the edge of a cliff.

Tar Heel fans are already talking basketball and Wolfpack fans are still in a state of disbelief that they lost on their home field to the Blue Devils.

So Duke fans, don't be like that if you start winning. Be humble in victory once it becomes habit, and I think in due time it will.

Most likely, Duke Football will never reach the same heights as its basketball team, but there is no reason they can't be decent.

So in the end, save all that posturing about how many games and what bowl you are going to for the experts—the SEC.