NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

Ken McClishContributor IOctober 13, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 28:  Abigail Klein of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performs at Cowboys Stadium on September 28, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

1. Giants

Took care of business at home. Great game versus the 4-0 Saints this Sunday.

2. Colts

MVP Manning?

3. Vikings

Jared Allen has been all over the field. He's a beast.

4. Saints

Slipped down one because of the bye.

5. Broncos

Nice win Broncos. My supposed 'upset pick' came through (I really didn't think these guys were underdogs when playing at home). For the doubters out there..yeah, I'd say this team is for real. Don't celebrate too much though Broncos. You guys have a great Monday night game in San Diego next.

6. Eagles

McNabb was rusty just like I suspected. 'Sigh.'

7. Falcons

Yeah..umm..kicking the crap out of a good defensive team at their place is a good thing. I didn't see that coming. Correction: Everyone outside of Georgia didn't see that coming. Nice win Falcons.

8. Bengals

Just like the Broncos: Yes..this team is for real.

9. Patriots

I guess count these guys out when they're playing in Denver.

10. Ravens

Loss to the Bengals has gotta hurt. No time to worry about it though. Big game Sunday versus a 5-0 Vikings in Minneapolis.

11. Steelers

Uhh...was that considered a win?

12. Packers

The Pack should have a couple of wins in the next few weeks before their O line's rematch with Jared Allen.

13. Bears

14. Jets

15. Cowboys

They beat the 0 and whatever Chiefs in overtime. least they have a nice stadium.

16. Chargers

17. Miami

Good Monday night showing.

18. Cardinals

Nice goal line stand. Cards needed that.

19. 49ers


20. Seattle

Hopefully Hasselbeck can stay healthy.

21. Texans

Tough game at Cinci.

22. Panthers

23. Jaguars

How many of you Jag fans plan to show up?

24. Redskins

New coach soon?

25. Bills

Repeat: New coach soon?

26. Titans

What the heck happened to this team?

27. Browns

Congrats Browns fans.

28. Chiefs

Shoulda' went for two.

29. Lions

Lions have been playing tough.

30. Raiders

Raiders fans: Yes, AL Davis still owns/runs your team. Sorry.

31. Buccaneers

32. Rams

At least Bulger will be back soon.


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