WWE Confusion: Diva Draft Shakes Up the Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2009

Tonight I watched the most confusing five minutes I might've ever seen. Jillian gets a random title match against Divas Champion Mickie James, and actually wins!

I was completely stunned and excited that the WWE would actually give Jillian the belt. She, to me, is a long-suffering great women's wrestler who's never been allowed to shine.

I was shocked that Mickie got stripped of the belt in that manner, and legitimately had me concerned she was going bye bye. Even more shocking came guest host Nancy O'Dell coming out, announcing a Diva draft, and that RAW's newest member got an automatic title shot.

Out walks Melina, who's been doing great on Smackdown and was in a really solid feud with Women's Champion Michelle McCool. Just as suddenly, she's the NEW Divas Champion.

Plus, in a backstage segment, Beth announces she's been traded to Smackdown. HUH?

I've been in confusion the entire night.

Now the full details of the Diva Draft have been released, and here are the new rosters:


Melina-Divas Champion(traded from SD)

Eve Torres-(traded from SD)

The Bella Twins-(Traded from ECW)

Gail Kim

Alicia Fox



Kelly Kelly


Michelle McCool-Women's Champion

Beth Phoenix-(Traded from RAW)

Mickie James-(Traded from RAW)






Katie Lea

Rosa Mendes-(Traded from RAW)



Every single show got shafted. There's some obvious face/heel turns that will have to happen.

RAW is really a mess as it now has only 2-3 legitimately solid wrestlers on their roster. The rest of them need to be future endeavored/sent to FCW.

The Bellas have been moved everywhere and have never done anything interesting or gotten their gimmick over one bit.

I was surprised Eve got moved, as she just had a good match with Michelle and had the real makings of a feud. Besides, it now leaves Maria as second face, which is never a good thing.

Maryse should be back any day now, and she and Melina had some good matches.

Although it would seem Smackdown has the better wrestlers, the best ones are all heels, and that doesn't always work out. Plus, there's only one good face on there, so one or two of the heels have to turn because no one will take Maria seriously as a threat to anyone.

Personally, I'm thrilled Beth and Natalya are on the same show because I've been dying to see those two wrestle one another. Mickie and Michelle could legitimately have a good feud as well.

ECW is well, ECW. Katie is always odd girl out, and her talent is being wasted. Rosa, on the other hand, can thankfully stay away from anything of interest in terms of getting in the ring because she was painful to watch on RAW.

I don't get any of this, nor do I think any of it is a good idea. In all honesty, the majority of the moves were moving the wrong girls to the wrong shows.

I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the latest developments that come out of this, but I for one don't think it will be too good.


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