Redden Rises Up Out Of His Coffin & Helps Rangers Destroy Toronto 7-2!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 09: Henrik Lundqvist #30 of the New York Rangers is congratulated by Sean Avery #16 following a 2-1 defeat of the Philadelphia Flyers on April 9, 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Rangers defeated the Flyers 2-1 to gain a playoff spot. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

After playing a very fast paced game last night against Anaheim, the Rangers showed up tonight to play.  In a game where only one team showed up, the Rangers for the most part ran over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first period.  

The first period gave us a surprise appearance by Wade Redden, who score his first goal in only god know how many games.  Glad to see wade decided to come out of his coffin for tonight’s game.  

But the first period did not belong to Redden, it belonged to Chris Drury. This is what I like about this guy. You can put him anywhere and he just does a really good job.  He made some really good defensive plays and on the PK he was an animal. From checking, to stealing the puck and forcing turn over’s that lead to some great scoring chances.  His contract is what it is, and that is not going to change.  So we need to look past that for now and hope he continues to have games like tonight and score some goals as well.

Ryan Callahan scores his second goal on the power play.  This is so amazing to be able to say that as of right now the Rangers are 88% on the pp.  What a difference from last year and the previous years we had to watch this team crumble on the pp. 

You have to give a Ranger Salute to the head coach and his coaching staff for not only turning this team around but improving the pp to the point they are at now. 

It was nice to see Colton Orr back on the ice and as expected, he fought with the Rangers’ bad boy Donald Brashear. I love both of these guys and really I don’t care what Brashear did to Betts last year.  I never like Betts anyway. So Ranger fans need to get over it, because Donald is the man now in Ranger Blue!

Toronto scored late in the first, after Hank was tripped up by a Maple Leaf player.  It was a questionable goal!

The second period started off great as Dan Girardi scores his second goal of the season on the power play 1:25 into the period.   It was good to see Staal getting some ice time on the power play.  I am sure it is a matter of time before he starts tallying so goals himself.

Defensively no one can complain about Marc Staals playing ability. I think playing with Gilroy, he will also start to learn the offensive side of his game.   Del Zotto and Gilroy are natural offensive defensemen.  Whereas Stall is all defense.  So these guys will be learning from each other.   

The more I watched this game, the more I thought of how Wade Redden should be playing for Toronto.  Throughout the second period the Maples Leafs had shown some life on and off , but unable to score. 

As soon as I give praise to the coaches, they disappoint me.  Why do I see Rosy on the power play .  There is no reason for him to be there anymore. This is going backwards, not moving forward.  

Marion Gaborik has been flawless so far for the Rangers, but at the end of the second period he takes a very bad penalty that lead to a pp goal for Jason Blake.  Ten seconds after the goal, Brandon Dubinsky tries to block Blake from moving up ice with the puck, only to trip him up and taking another bad penalty.  But only seconds into Toronto’s’ power play, Callahan creates a 2 on 1 rush with Drury , that result in a Jason Blake penalty.  This game is turning into an exciting game as the second period ends 3-2 New York leads.   

The third period started out slow, with Toronto turning up the fore checking. But with some hard fore checking of their own, the Rangers Sean Avery scores his first of the season in his second game played. Minutes later Marion Gaborik scores his 5th goal of the season.   What an unbelievable showing by the Rangers.

The Rangers’ owned the third period.  From controlling the puck in the offensive zone, to scoring goals, as Dan Giradi scores his second goal of the game and Anisimov has his second assist on the night.  The Rangers have not slowed down a bit in this game. It shows their great endurance and training!

Lundqvist played great as always.  He had a rough night as he got plowed over twice in this game.  Towards the end of the third it was Jason Blake  who runs the King down and gives the Rangers  a pp and Sean Avery comes away with his second goal of the night and another surprise as Redden has a three point night. A goal and two assists. I think I am going to have a heart attack!

Rangers win 7-2!  With all the goals scored and against some of the greatest goalies in the NHL. YOU HAVE TO THINK, THIS TEAM CAN INDEED BEAT ANY TEAM OUT THERE IN A BEST OUT OF SEVEN! Look for it and be prepared, because you heard it here first.