Gator Student Section: Let's Kick It Off

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Gator Student Section: Let's Kick It Off
Gator StudentSection is a column covering the Gators football.  The official name of the column is Gator StudentSection Cooked In The Swamp.  It starts right now—right here.
 Written at the University of Florida from across-campus views. The selected topic this week: Why the Florida Gators Will Take A Bite Out Of The Razorbacks.

"Gators are like a mountain in the winter - a beach in the summer - beautiful! - then they kick it off with a chomp," Morgan said.
Amanda said, "Gators are calm, confident and comfortable—just don't enter The Swamp."
"Gators are ever unfolding—stop by the trophy room," Olivia said. "Taste the results."
Mike said, "Gators don't trash talk—we moonwalk, we dazzle, we shine, we just plain kick behind! Get my drift?"
"One word," Sadie said. "Passionate!"
"Gators are special," Jessika said. "Everybody else is Gator bait."
Yaneke said, "Find, locate, and participate's a feast in The Swamp, especially during Homecoming. Conserve and adjust—it's a must. Life is beautiful when you are aware that Gators are in the area."
"We condition ourselves in the sun," Jen said. "It helps us overcome—stay focused and motivated to stay on top."
Russell said, "We're bad! Talk is cheap but...we're bad—you know it!. Okay, I borrowed a little from MJ....but, we're bad!"
"Each snap - each play takes my breath away. I'm a Gator through-and-through. bleeding orange and's true!," Jackie said.
Paris said, "Nothing comes between me and my pink thong but a Gator—and always on Homecoming."
"I raise a glass to deep water and tall grass - come up in here and Gators chomp on your _______," Dale yelled. "What's a Razorback?"
Kappa Alpha Psi said, "It takes a long and a short, and a long short—that's how we roll. We're Gators and we use our diamond poll—score, baby, score..."
"Baby got back, back got rack, and baby got nothing but love for the Gator with spikes that sacks the quarterback," Janice said. "Find me Homecoming night."
Ray Boy said, "Here's the No. 1 thing about Gators; radar! We know where you you? It's called The Swamp. and nothing comes out but a Gator...somebody talk to me now."
"The flags say it all—it's great to be a Florida Gator!," Market Man said.
Jen Jen said, "Tebow takes me the moon. And what a ride on his's pure orbit. He puts the home in coming..."
Big Ben screams, "Go Gators!"

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