To NFL, ESPN, Fox, CBS: Can We Please Get New NFL Analysts

Warren SicilianoCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2009

It's time for a change.

Isn't everyone sick and tired of the same old recycled analysts for the National Football League?

Shannon Sharpe, Jamie Dukes, Deion Sanders, Hannah Storm, James Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson,  Boomer Esiason, Phil Sims, Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter, Brian Billick, Ron Jaworski, and the list goes on.....

And I don't care if I spelled their names correctly, it doesn't matter.


First some observations:

Most of the current high profile NFL analysts were average to poor players, coaches or whatever so why would they be expected to be good analysts? They aren't.

They don't assess talent well.

They don't pick game winners well (or even close) compared to the average fan.

They jump on and off bandwagons, even on the same show sometimes rather than really evaluating teams or players on what matters.

Just because they have a telestrator, coaches film and other expensive bells and whistles, they think they sound more "official" and like they know what they are talking about. Trust me, they don't.

They prove that just because you played in the NFL or were a coach in the NFL doesn't mean you are a good or even a fair analyst.

So why do they get hired? Why should we believe anything they say? Why is it so irritating to watch or listen to them?

They get hired because just like in any workplace in any trade, career or profession - it's who you know! It's politics. It's the things we all see in anything we do, if you know someone who is already in a hiring position, are good at kissing butt, being a yes-man (or woman) and generally a follower, you get the job.

They make you think that they are experts and knowledgeable because - "I've been there - done that". If you've been around long enough, you know that these folks might have been there but they haven't always done that. You can't even remember when they played (if they did) or for what team it was for. There was a reason, they were terrible or certainly unimpressive. And so the sub-standard talent goes on in our faces every weekday and weekend.

There are many reasons that it is irritating, angering and disgusting to listen to them. Mostly, it's because they realize - Hey I'm on TV or the radio - I need to act like a jackass, go against what is real and accepted by 99% of the intelligent world and try to do something outrageous so that someone will watch me.

For my team, the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers and my favorite player Ben Roethlisberger, I hear it every year! They don't look good, they are not a playoff or Superbowl contender.

I won't bore you with the accomplishments of the Steelers and Big Ben that directly go against what these liars and haters won't say. But I'm sure that many of your teams suffer the same fate.

I leave the other reasons to all of you that read this and know what I am talking about.

Many will think this opinion is just hate, but if you really look, it's the truth. I wish there were a way to get these clowns out of our faces every weekend, but if our teams are playing on their networks, we have to see it. Not watching is not a viable option. Let's just see someone who finally knows what they are talking about.

Why can't we just demand that what we watch and what we hear has some intelligence, sense and above all truth as TRUE fans of our favorite pastime?

Why can't we demand some variety instead of listening to the same bias and sound bytes every single day of our lives?

I challenge all networks to look at this and make the change so that we can continue to love football and our football teams.