And Albert Haynesworth Is Down! Again!

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And Albert Haynesworth Is Down! Again!
(Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Prior to the start of the season, I delivered some news about newly acquired defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and his propensity to feign injury.

Now, we have some documented disgust from Washington analyst Sam Huff.

Michael: And Haynesworth is down.”

Huff: “What else is new?...He missed a tackle....[Nothing] happened. He missed a tackle.”

Later, Doc Walker reported that trainers weren’t looking at any part of Haynesworth’s body specifically, and that he just appeared to be dazed. Huff started laughing. “He wanted out, Doc,” he said.

Later still, Michael mentioned Haynesworth’s injury.

“Injury?” Sam Huff snorted. “He was winded again.”

At some point, people have to start blasting this guy. It can’t be “when he’s in there, he’s a beast.” That may be true, but if he’s lying down on the ground once or twice a game like his world has been changed, it’s more embarrassing than just running off to the sideline for oxygen.

Has no one noticed that he has been injured in every game? Seriously, Albert Haynesworth is the only person I’ve ever seen at any level of football to be carted off the field and return to play in the same game.

This is just getting sad.

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