West Virginia Football 2009: Week Six Awards

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 12, 2009

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Jock Sanders #9, Noel Devine #7 and Wes Lyons #4 of the West Virginia Mountaineers against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

And the winners are...

The Kanye West I'll Let You Talk In a Minute Award

Greg Paulus, The Annoying Crowned Prince of Quarterbacking for Syracuse, has been stealing media attention in the Big East Conference all year.

"Stealing" is the operative word since he has registered more turnovers this half-season than he dished out in one NCAA tournament visit by the best program in the history of college basketball, the equally annoying Duke Blue Devils.

Finally, after long, long minutes of absurdly awful quarterback play, Paulus took a seat and passed the microphone back to where it should have been all along: Jarrett Brown.

The Serena Williams I'll Take This Ball and...Award

...shove it down your highly ranked rushing defense throats, four times to be exact. From inside the 10-yard line. In front of your packed yet dwindling house.

The offensive line, showing Ryan Clarke, Jock Sanders, and Noel Devine the way, paid no attention to the media or anyone else who was touting the Syracuse so-called immovable objects.

The Mountaineer o-line gets better with each game. I called it both ways: they would struggle against Liberty and East Carolina, and grow up at Auburn, not to be worried about for the remainder of the season.

As George Peppard's character said on the cheesy '80s TV show "The A-Team," "I love it when a plan falls together."

The Silence of the Lambs Award

The Carrier Dome began the day in its typical noisy state in anticipation of thumping West Virginia. However, as the West Virginia defense delivered hit after hit, they're the ones who beat the Syracuse offense into submission. 

Orange fans were first rendered quiet, then issued boos, then expressed their displeasure with their feet, that is alternating one in front of the other toward the exits.

The Mountaineers, playing on the road in a tough house against a team that was not that bad, shut them out in the first half and held them to the lowest yield in this young season.

The Mary Karr/Shakespeare To Be Or Not To Be Award

This is the last time I refer to my favorite good-looking English literature professor this season. 

The first line in Hamlet's world-famous soliloquy essentially means "Is it better to live or to die."

Since I don't consider football a life or death proposition, let's call the meaning "Is it better to succeed or to fail."

Mountaineer Brandon Hogan, facing a number of failings this season and last, stepped up and grabbed the Syracuse punt, returning it 51 yards to give WVU outstanding field position.

Brandon Hogan has interpreted the meaning of Hamlet's line as "To succeed and to hell with failure."

The Who Really Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize Award, or more accurately called The Who Really Deserves the West Virginia Mid-Season MVP Award Award

President Barack Obama doesn't have the frame for football. Neither does Jock Sanders.

However, Jock is good for a consistent outstanding game of receptions, rushes, and downfield peel blocks.

It may be a little too early to present a war president with a peace prize, but I'll stick with my Jock Sanders choice as Mountaineer Most Valuable Player.

The Week Six Oh, No! There Goes Tokyo! Godzilla! Award

Gee, I tried to separate a player or group of players to receive the Godzilla man among boys award.  I don't have enough time, and there is day job work to do.

To make it easier and fairer, here's how I decided to handle it:

Recipients of The Week Six Oh, No! There Goes Tokyo! Godzilla! Award are those wearing a) white unis, and b) navy hats.

This victory was a beautiful team effort.