Giants-Raiders: Breakdown of Offense and Coaching

Big AL FanContributor IOctober 12, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 11:  Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants throws a pass against the Oakland Raiders on October 11, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Giants Raiders Post Game Analysis

Warning. Prepare to read an article unlike what you will get from the local media.
The local media will report and emphasize only the negatives and not offer anything in depth.

Keep in mind that this article is an opinionated article and does not reflect any viewpoint but my own.

First I should say that I am still very upset about this loss and the game plan used.
I may scale back my opinion and edit this article after the emotions settle.

I am most upset because I truly feel that if we would have followed some of what I laid out as the basis
of a successful game plan, we could have been in this game. (see article NY Giants: Exposed Weaknesses, Tendencies, Patterns of How Teams Beat Them).

Are we looking to win games this year or is this a boot camp year for the rookies?

I didn't just pull the ideas out from the wind.

I laid out all of the successful things that last four teams to beat the Giants did. I listed some of the
Giants Tendencies and weaknesses. I expected the Raiders plan would be close to or similar to mine.
The game plan was not even close to what I listed. The most important area that those 4 teams all did was run
the ball. I expected the Raiders to run the ball, stick with it no matter what. I expected the entire game plan
to be focused in this area along with draws, delay runs, sneaks and screens up the middle. I expected to use these
as the go to plays.

My article challenged the OLine to run block, get nasty and dominate when running. When they did run block,
they did a great job when Bush was carrying the ball. The Giants never stopped him on any run attempt.

When your Offensive Line is banged up, out of sync and are struggling, allow the Oline
to be the aggressor and hit the other team, don't let them be the ones absorbing the hits.
You cant go into a game expecting to be successful pass blocking against a top DLine when your OLine is in this state.
If you focus the entire game plan on the run, the oppurtunities to pass will come for certain. All 4 teams that beat
the Giants last year had break away runs because they committed to staying with it.

There were many other key area's in the article in which I expected us to exploit. Not only did we not win in any of these
area's, I could tell that they were not a core part of the game plan.

As I predicted, the Giants over-pursued on every pass play and came around the edges, the middle was wide open. We were highly successful
when running Bush up the middle. Again, If we would have let Bush run the entire game, we would have been in this one.
At minimum, we would not have been embarrassed as we were. On each and every Sack and Fumble by JRuss, the front of him was wide open,
where he could have broke any of those plays for 7-10 yard QB runs. So many detailed items in which I listed were dead on. I said that Eli would
not play, would be limited or would modify his technique. Look at the film, he never rolled out, he threw screens and touch passes just as
I predicted. Did you see any bullet passes? No. All were touch. Shouldn't we have played behind the receivers and make Eli beat you with a
hard throw? He did drop back for some deep balls(they were touch passes over the top) We did not pressure up the middle to flush him out
to make him run as I urged. Please read my pregame article and let me know if you agree or if I am off base here. (search for NY Giants: Exposed

Weaknesses, Tendencies, Patterns of How Teams Beat Them here at the Bleacher Report).

Why have we been running the same (pass first) scheme for 4.5 games now? You would think that we would mix it up just a little bit
after the first embarrassing loss? the second embarrassing loss? the third? Now the fourth? What's coming next week?

This is way beyond mind boggling.

Here's some analysis on the Offense. I will add Defense tomorrow then prepare to discuss Philly on Weds.

Offense and Coaching
First and foremost, Coaches are in danger of loosing the team.
There are huge problems to address and this is the most important.
Can anyone honestly say with confidence that the entire team will continue to buy-in at this point?

The last 4 weeks have been truly unreal. I have never seen anything like it.

Not much over the last 4.5 games has made sense to me in terms of what we are trying to accomplish on Offense.
What I mean is this. During battle (a game), you must have specific stated goals you set out to accomplish for that battle.
These goals are understood by every player. Each play shall be an attempt toward the achieving these goals (game plan).
Each little success should be acknowledged and then later perfected if not already perfect.
Each little failure should be acknowledged, then corrected, then perfected.
This is how success is measured.

We all know the Offensive Line is the root of the problem on Offense. That goes without saying.

When everyone in the NFL is aware of this, what is the very worst game plan you can possibly have against arguably the
best Defensive line in Football? Answer: Exactly what we did today. Use the same game plan that has been in place
for the last 4.5 games and don't change anything.

During the game, the team (and coaches) are well aware which battles were won and lost and if any progress has been made.
In the end, if some of your Goals are met (win or lose) you still leave with a measure of success and know exactly the areas to work on.
Next time out, you should see improvement in those areas which were addressed.

Does anyone have any idea what our goals are on Offense? I don't mean the obvious like, "the goal is to score" or "we
are trying to get the passing game going" or "we are trying to put it together".

This is the question and the question of many fans I'm sure. Again, what exactly are the goals on Offense?
What are we doing to accomplish these goals? The fans (especially season ticket holders) deserve an explanation.

Give the fans the dignity to hang their hats on something.

If a goal is to get the rookie wide receivers and Jamarcus up to speed as soon as possible, then fine
we understand. We won few battles and lost many. At least we understand what we are trying to do.

Is this a goal? Run the Offense using a scheme that will soon define us. When the rookies and other young players do
have the experience under this system to execute it, we will be extremely hard to stop. But until then, we are willing
to sacrifice some games. Fine, just let us know.

If the plan is, in the end, it will not matter how Defenses prepare against us, we will dictate terms and Defenses
Will try and stop us but they wont be able to, then again, fine, let us know.

The disturbing thing is this. Many have said that we play like we are trying to play the same way as we have in the 1970s and 1980s where we showcased the vertical game. Well I got news for us. The schemes we are running currently would have not been successful in any era period. Even in the 70s and 80s we always ran the ball well. We also did not refuse to run short routes as a 1st read like we are now.

The coaches have said, "its not about the opponent, its about us and what we are going to do."

Does this mean the focus is on "our" Offense, and only what we are going do? Do we not focus on the other teams weaknesses
and attack those areas? The best approach should be both. Run your offense, but fully understand which plays in your system
best attacks those weaknesses. We are not doing this.

Please explain.

Player(s) Breakdown

The Offensive line was not put in position to be successful. Enough said, keep your heads up to battle another day.


Week-to-Week Progress

Jamarcus regressed in some area's compared to last week. For some area's in which stayed the same from last week, I mark as a progress,
for example not throwing an INT this week is progress even though he did not throw an INT last week. This is progress because it is
so important and indicates growth.

Jamarcus progress:

Found the first down marker during a third down run.
Did not throw an INT.
Accuracy was as good or better than last week

three incompletions, Only one pass was a bad throw, but I believe he pulled up on it and shorted it on purpose

when he saw the receiver was in triple coverage. one was inches away from a long bomb for a TD to Murphy, the other was a drop right in the hands of Watkins.
Even though Dierdorff called it inaccurate, I beg to differ. It was the only area in which it should have been thrown.
The completions were good throws, they finally started to call design rollouts for him after the game got out of hand and he completed some very nice
balls on the run.

Like the O-line, I believe the coaches put JRUSS on a path to failure today.
Again, I believe the game plan was a recipe for disaster. Even the best QB would have been hard pressed to be successful with those plays.
Jamarcus has a lot to learn. When any coach see's that he is failing to do something simple as "step up in the pocket", they have to call that out
right now - in his damn remote earphone. Don't wait to discuss it on Monday. 3 sacks and lost fumbles resulted from not doing this.
Looks like your weight is down. Good job.

No Change


no change. Like the Mannings, JRUSS should work on pump fakes, play fakes, hiding the ball with his body on play action etc..

Timing with the receivers is still not there - no change

Jamarcus's regressions:

Did not feel the pressure well. Last week JRUSS was very impressive avoiding the sack and smartly threw the ball away when needed.
Again, if the film was studied properly, you would have seen that the Giants are successful pass rushing off the edges. They over pursue and are
vulnerable up the middle on pass plays.
Why? Why? Why were we not prepared to step up or tuck and run via the middle?
Why not one draw or delay run up the middle when Dallas featured this when they gained 251 yards in Game 1 this year doing it against the Giants on play action runs?

He has to learn to step up in the pocket when the internal clock goes off. This comes with experience however, until then, shouldn't a QB just be
counting out loud (in his head) and know what the maximum time to stay in the pocket before moving up?
Has still not learned to read the Defense to allow making the quick hit play or audible when needed. The coaches can call a play however
during a game, if the same play has not worked against the same Defensive alignment, an experienced QB will change the play at the line of
scrimmage. He will do whatever it takes to win each battle.

JRUSS is Still not seeing open receivers.
Only has chemistry with one player (Zach Miller).
We hope that JRUSS, DHB, Murphy and the others are staying after practice to get extra reps in. Jamarcus should know where they are at all times.
An example is they should be familiar enough to throw to the back shoulder with ease. They should be able to execute a hook to the sideline with ease.

JRUSS, you have these area's to work on. Realize that you have the power to call your own game. You already know what plays will work for us
and which probably will not. Call the game at the line of scrimmage if you have to. Do what you have to do to get that first down for now.
The big play will come, it is always an option. Start tucking and running the ball more. Elway did this toward the end of his career.
Nothing takes the momentum away from a defense more than when it looks like a coverage sack but turns in to a first down.

Since we are refusing to run the ball, you can accomplish the same results (including pulling the saftey's up) by running. You must be very aware and have

the mentality of a running back when doing it. You can do it safely if you stay aware and are prepared. Prepare your body for battle.
Like today, in most games I see that you have wide open space to run. Positive yards right now is what we need.


Bush, hang in there you are doing everything right. You are strong enough to make the 1st level of Defense miss. You played hard and did a great job running
and blocking.

Fargas, I know you play hard every play, unfortunately you need holes to run through to get to the second level of the defense to be successful.
Unlike Bush, Interior Linemen can tackle or misdirect Fargas with one arm. Do not have Fargas in on pass plays unless he can handle his blocking

Luke Lawton

You have dropped 2 critical passes this year but today, you did a good job with that catch. You also threw good blocks.
You earned your keep today.

Zach Miller

You are a warrior. You came back from a concussion and made some solid catches when double covered.
We expect you to be a leader on the edge of the pass rush. I don't know where you were today in that regard.
I think a two tight end set would be a good look for us.
I believe you were called for another holding penalty today.
You prided yourself on being a good blocker. The last two games have not been the greatest blocking games for you.


DHB, play to your strengths and start demanding the ball. You do indeed get behind the DB's but JRUSS is not going there yet.
You are ofen open.
You are often double covered and this is why you are out there.
Eventually you will be able to beat this coverage.
Make sure you add something every week to your game.
Strive to become even more stronger, faster, flexible etc. Your time will come.
Learn these DB's as you will face many of them again in critical times. Keep a journal to log what you learned after every
game. Don't ever get down on yourself as this is counter productive.

Louis Murphy

You are a fan favorite and for good reason.
You look like a pro and are ahead of the learning curve.
Keep getting behind the DB's.
You have more opportunities than does DHB right now (DHB often double covered).
You are doing the right things and running with it.
You are a man of faith. Yes its okay to acknowledge God at any time.
Keep working (same as above like DHB) and you both will soon be known as the premiere elite receiving pair in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders

You must realize that the very most important thing right now is this. "The season is not over".
Keep your heads up. The fans will always be here.
Learn your opponent and identify their weakest areas and use your go to plays attacking these area's.
You do this, even when all else fails at the end of the day, you can feel good about the fact that
you prepared well and you did all you could do to succeed. You will get back to work and address any failure.
Get Healthy. Don't give in. Change is coming.


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