WEC 43: Sparks, Flames, Fireworks, and More Bad Judging

Bob FletcherCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2009

First things first, after last nights Fight of the Year worthy showing, Benson Henderson has definitely earned my respect. And thank you again to Donald Cerrone for showing class and being a man. I thought he won the fight and many others did too but he didn't whine, b*tch or complain, he took the decision like a man and gave props to a well deserving Henderson.

Now, the only thing more shocking than the dexterity of Henderson's arms is the judging decision. A close fight yes but it should have been a win for the "Cowboy."

I've read in many different posts on sites such as MMAJunkie that submission attempts aren't worth anything. The analogy commonly used was "a submission ATTEMPT is like a takedown or head-kick ATTEMPT and if you miss, it's worth nothing."

In my opinion, comparing submission attempts to takedown attempts to strikes is like comparing apples to oranges to watermelons. It just doesn't work.

Can takedown attempts finish fights? In some cases like a slam, yes but in the takedowns that Henderson used they cannot. Strikes and submissions can both end fights but striking is not grappling and can't be looked at the same. Quite frankly it's a miracle Henderson's arms weren't ripped off.

So, submission attempts should garner points in a fight and based on that alone, round one of the fight was Donald Cerrone's.

Ben Henderson was definitely hitting Cerrone with strikes on the ground but they were nowhere near finishing the fight. The key here is "finishing the fight" and all of Cerrone's submission attempts had Henderson reeling and each time nearly ended it. This is where I think to myself, "Man, I wish some fights were judged like the old PRIDE fights."

Bringing in a brand new judging system for MMA would be far too strenuous, but change is most certainly needed. I think the possibility of having former/current fighters or MMA coaches judging fights would be a good idea. Or allowing rounds that are too close to be rewarded a 10-10 draw. Or even having an overtime round...

With all the scrutiny and anymosity running through me I want to end this little rant on a good note: Donald Cerrone, you are champion in my eyes.