Forgotten Classic Vol. Three: Christian vs Randy Orton

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2009

The wait is over my B/R peeps. It is the return of the legendary Forgotten Classics series written by B/R's own Captain Charisma. This week, I will relive a match between the formerly known Instant Classic Christian vs the formerly know Legend Killer, now going by The Viper, Randy Orton. Enjoy!!

Raw, Feb. 14, 2005: Christian (with Tyson Tomko) vs. Randy Orton

In 2005 Christian was the cocky, arrogant heel that the fans loved to hate and Randy Orton was in the midst of his (failed) face run since Evolution had turned on him. Both had seen their respective pushes falter; Randy Orton having to give up on his potential main-event Wrestlemania match against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship due to a less than stellar face run and due to an unfortunate injury sustained during a steel cage match with Chris Jericho, by the time Christian had returned he was left without any momentum thus being left to team with Tomko in meaningless tag team matches.

However during a backstage segment involving Christian, Tomko, and a Japenese reporter, Captain Charisma himself was shown the utmost disrespect by the reporter as he asked for Randy Orton. After Christian showed just how awesome by mocking the Legend Killer, he booked a match between Tomko and Orton.

After a back and forth tussle, Randy Orton came out the victor but it was Christian who was left standing tall when the smoke cleared as he nailed Orton post-match with the Unprettier (Killswitch) and the stage was set for an epic encounter on Valentine's Day of 2005 between Captian Charisma and the Legend Killer.

The Match

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Verdict

This match was everything the fans would want between these two top performers; Randy Orton playing his much-maligned babyface character to perfection with quick reversals and counters and Christian using the underhand tactics that you would expect from heel whilst still showcasing his talent as an in-ring performer.

That being said, the standout moment of this match-up had to be the finish. After both wrestlers had worked the crowd into a frenzy, popping every near fall and finisher attempt, Christian's Unprettier attempt was reversed by the Legend Killer as Randy Orton leap-frogged over Captain Charisma and delivered a devastating RKO thus claiming the win. What made this much more special is that the fans invested themselves into the match not for the storyline (it was only a one week build-up) but because of the wrestling match. This was a rare case when it was all about the wrestling.

The sheer awesomeness of this match means that it should be remembered by fans and wrestlers alike as a great encounter between two top stars.

Why is it forgotten

To put it in layman terms; Orton's face turn was a unanimous failure therefore everything during this run as all been forgotten (apart from his World Championship win over Chris Benoit at Summerslam 2004). All the reasons as to why the fans wanted to cheer Randy Orton when he was a heel were stripped from his character when he turned face; he was no longer the trash talking, overconfident SOB who backed him his words with his exploits in the ring. He was now known as the man who was destroyed at the hands of Evolution/ Added to that he never successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship (his first defence was also his last when HHH beat him at Unforgiven 2004) and this period of Randy Orton's career has been pushed aside by both the WWE and the fans.

Also given the fact that Christian left the WWE roughly seven months later, the WWE saw no benefit in reliving a match that should be cherished and remembered as a great encounter between Captain Charisma and the Legend Killer.

Final thoughts

With Christian back in the WWE, we can all anticipate whether these two will ever have a programme against each other. I for one say they should because this match proves that thee two have great chemistry in the ring together and if they are capable of working the crowd up for a television encounter, imagine what they could do with  a couple of weeks of buildup, some promo time, a world title and a PPV blow-off.

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