The Free Roll Review: Dave Camarillo and Matt Mitrione

MMADieHards.comCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2009

Written by Cameron Gidari


Dave Camarillo works with some of the top fighters in the world.


As the head Brazilian jiu jitsu coach at American Kickboxing Academy, Camarillo has been tasked with turning wrestlers like Josh Koscheck and Cain Velasquez into complete mixed martial artists.


Before he is able to teach them, though, Camarillo has to break them.


“You’ve got to build rapport with your fighter,” Camarillo said on the Free Roll Radio Program.


“I remember when the first day Koscheck came in… I submitted him over and over again, and again that immediately in their minds built that report. Number one, Dave knows what he’s talking about. Number two, it gives them a connection with me so that everything I say they really listen to.”


As Camarillo explained, being a good jiu jitsu fighter does not necessarily translate into being a good jiu jitsu fighter in MMA.


“[Some jiu jitsu fighters are] just not channeling what they know properly because the game is different and the rules are different,” Camarillo said.


While part of that blame is on the student, Camarillo says that jiu jitsu coaches attempting to train MMA fighters are also to blame.


“The people that have trouble transitioning BJJ into the MMA scene are so conditioned and do delusioned… it’s difficult to crack that nut,” Camarillo said, “It’s being reinforced by coaches that don’t understand MMA, but everyone’s getting into MMA so you’re going to have that."


"This is a new art, and all of these BJJ instructors are all getting into it and thinking that it’s a jiu jitsu match. When you have a coach like that, its’ even more difficult.”


Former NFL player and Ultimate Fighter 10 contestant Matt Mitrione also joined the program to talk about his nutrition company, Engineered and Designed Nutrition (EDEN).


Mitrione designed EDEN Recovery to help refuel athletes after their workouts.


“Post workout nutrition is probably the most important [thing] for an athlete, and nighttime and morning nutritions are pretty important as well,” Mitrione said.


Mitrione took a greater interest in supplements after his rookie season in the NFL, when he needed foot surgery.


“My bones weren’t healing the way I thought they should,” Mitrione said. “I felt like there was something I could do that would make my body healthier and heal faster.”


Mitrione eventually developed EDEN Recovery, and athletes like MLB outfielder Jayson Werth have given the product rave reviews.


Part of the supplement’s success comes from Mitrione taking the necessary steps to ensure top quality.


“Every day you hear about athletes getting popped for supplements they didn’t know were tainted or they blame something on the supplement,” Mitrione said. “We decided to go through the governing body that the NFL and Major League Baseball go through.”


The results are clear, as universities and pro sports teams alike have taken to the supplement.


As it says on the website’s front page (, part of EDEN’s goal is to educate athletes, so that they can make informed decisions about the supplements they take. Mitrione takes that very seriously.