Season InReview

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Season InReview

It turned out to be a disappointing year, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun…let’s take a short look back.

March -
Spring Training begins late because of the WBC. Ryan Braun was on the USA team, but after hurting himself a little bit, the team wanted him to return. He stayed and ended up hitting .381. Meanwhile, Casey McGehee was making a push to make the team which he did. Tyler thought he should just give up. Ah hindsight is a powerful thing because nobody stood up for Casey either except for some guy named Jim. Come back to our site, Jim, and post more counterarguements. We were all happy when Brad Nelson made the team.

What we enjoyed:
- Casey hitting bombs
- Hardy hitting .400
- Hart, Nelson, Duffy, and Hall all looked good (this is what Jared meant when he said hot hitters in spring are made into news, but it doesn’t mean anything)

What we didn’t
- Hoffman getting hurt
- Yovani walking almost as many as he struck out

April -
The opening month started off not how anyone expected. The Brewers were 4-9 by mid-April, but were able to turn it to 12-10 by the end of the month. I was totally wrong that J.J. Hardy was going to turn it around, but I was totally right that Prince Fielder was going to turn it around.

What we enjoyed:
- Winning the home opener
- Rickie Weeks hitting the ball and scoring runs
- Todd Coffey getting out of jams
- Yovani Gallardo hitting home runs and pitching a complete game
- The unveiling of Hells Bells upon Miller

What we didn’t:
- Losing the season opener against the Giants
- Manny Parra’s pitching woes
- Being under .500 most of the month
- Prince and J.J slumping

May -
In May, the Brewers went on a winning binge, including winning 7 straight games. This was the team the fans thought we had. Hoffman was saving everything and things were clicking…well not everything. Brad Nelson and Chris Duffy weren’t hitting so they were sent packing. Manny Parra couldn’t get things right, and Jorge Julio stunk. By the 50 game mark, the Brewers were 30-20

Things we enjoyed:
- Prince knocking the ball all over
- The lights going out at Miller all of a sudden was fun to see
- Brewers team ERA under 4
- Trevor saving everything

Things we didn’t:
- Corey Hart didn’t look right at the plate or in the field
- Bill Hall being Bill Hall
- In what might have been his best year, the team lost Rickie Weeks for the year

June -
The Brewers went 12-15 in June but were somehow still on top on the Central. The Cubs and Cards were struggling as well. The Brewers were swept by Colorado and Detroit, but it wasn’t because of Braun and Fielder who hit 20 home runs together in June. Matt Gamel started hot, but quickly faltered. Casey McGehee hit over .360 in June which gave him a lot more playing time. Craig Counsell was in the midst of his renaissance season and Brewers fans felt good about Counsell at second and McGehee at third. If only J.J. could have turned it up.

What we enjoyed:
- Prince and Braun being big boppers
- Casey McGehee showing that his strong spring wasn’t a fluke
- Prince hit his first grand slam for a win against the Indians
- DiFelice looked great out of the pen

What we didn’t:
- Dave Bush and Manny Parra were killing the team
- Tony Gwynn Jr. was traded for Jody Gerut
- The Brewers were losing more than they were winning and could have pulled away

July -
With the Brewers, there always seems to be one godawful month. This year, it was July, when the Brewers went 9-17. The Brewers started July in first. July 4th would be the last time the Brewers would see first place. The Brewers lost every series in July, exept one. A series tie with the lowly Natinals. When the Trade Deadline came and the Brewers needed a shot in the arm, they were given Claudio Vargas while the Cardinals recieved Matt Holliday. An underappreciated move at the time was the aquisition of Felipe Lopez.

What we enjoyed:
- Prince, Brauny, and Trev in the Mid-Summer Classic
- Prince winning the home run derby!
- Felipe Lopez being acquired

What we didn’t:
- Bill Hall, Corey Hart, and J.J. Hardy not performing
- A lack of clutch hitting
- A pitching meltdown. The Brewers had 7 pitchers start in July and only two had ERA’s under 4.
- The Brewers went from first to 4.5 down

August -
With visions of last year’s August still in our memories, Brewers fans were holding on for hope. The Brewers almost hit .500 in August, but it was the Cardinals that had a monster month. The Brewers by the end of the month were 12 games out of first. The pitching woes never let up. It was so bad, I stopped blogging (also due to moving across the state).

What we enjoyed:
- Casey, Prince, Felipe, and Braun.
- Bill Hall sent to the Minors
- J.J. Hardy sent to the Minors (and quick thinking by US Cellular officials turned the J.J. Hardy Cut-out contest into the Yovani Gallardo cut-out contest)
- Bill Hall traded away

What we didn’t:
- Relievers started dying out (see DiFelice, Mark)
- Hope faded
- Again, there were 7 starters for the Brewers in August. Not one pitcher had an ERA under 4.
- Corey Hart on the DL
- Cardinals pulled away

September/October -
By September, fans knew the team was done. J.J. Hardy came back and didn’t impact anything. Prince Fielder did some sort of bowling thing and the media tried to turn it into a big thing, but it wasn’t (only one Giant said boo on it).  The Brewers were swept by the Cards in mid-September. The wild card wasn’t even a thought this year. We were hoping for .500 at home, then .500 at all, but didn’t get either. To be honest, September is kind of hazy to me. The Brewers went .500 over this stretch, which meant they weren’t terrible. But they threw lineups and pitchers out there just to see if there was a future for them.

What we liked:
- The team never showed that they stopped trying.
- Prince finished his career year (162 starts, about .300 BA, most RBI’s in a season by a Brewer)
- Braun had his 200th hit of the season be a home run.

What we didn’t:
- Any time we went to the park, less and less people showed up. It was the opposite of last year.
- Braden Looper giving up more home runs than anyone in a Brewer uni
- Being under .500 at Miller and overall
- Dave Bush and Manny Parra, the two pitchers the team needed to step up, ending their abysmal year on very low notes.

All the hope at the beginning of the year turned into mush at the end of the year. The organization gambled on the pitching they had and lost that bet badly. Ken Macha had his first losing season. The Brewers wasted amazing efforts by Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Casey McGehee, and Craig Counsell. And even though the pitching gets a lot of the blame, the team also had offensive outages. That said, it’s impossible for sucess when the team’s ERA was second worst in the NL and 4th worse in the ML. The team has already said that they are looking to improve pitching, but how much can you improve when all the players you’re willing to part with underperformed this past year? That’s the question on everyone’s mind heading into the offseason.

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