Pregame: The Saints VS. The Bye

Michael BruckContributor IOctober 11, 2009

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 30: Linebacker Jonathan Vilma #51 of the New Orleans Saints yells during play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 30, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

As the Saints complete a quarter of the regular season at 4-0, they face the bye this week. It's an absolute perfect time for them to get it for many reasons, which I'll talk about. The new DC, Gregg Williams, is doing a fabulous job with the defense, and what does he think about it or can you guess who he thinks is the "Drew Brees" of this new explosive defense? The Saints have a lot to prepare for as the probably 5-0 Giants visit New Orleans in week 6.

Let's start with the benefits of having a bye this week for New Orleans. First off, this gives our probable injuries healthy and ready to go this next week. Mainly Bushrod and Bell are concerns. Bushrod is needed against the tough defensive line of the Giants. Also, bringing Bell back to the run game will cause a more dynamic run game against the as of now number 18 rush defense. Having Thomas, Bell, and Bush will make the New Orleans run game explosive and a big concern for any defense. Back to Bushrod, he is needed and he really makes a great replacement for Brown (placed on IR) in protecting Bree.

The second reason is, YOUR PLAYING THE GIANTS. Having an extra week to study is great, especially when you get to play at home in  the essence of your obnoxious and loud crowd. The Saints are going to need to rely on the pass defense again. Manning is a great quarterback and cause problems in a heart-beat with hook-ups to go-to men, Smith and Manningham (even H. Nicks). Your also going to need to work on the pass game, but thats a subject to talk about in the Giants at Saints pre-game.

Gregg Williams talked about how he thinks there was already a lot of talent in the Saints defense. He says that his whole idea is to show them and give them the best game plan, and the Saints defense has to step up and execute. Williams states how he believes Jonathan Vilma is the "Drew Brees" of the Saints defense. "It's all about the leadership and influence he has on other players," Williams. Vilma has 22 tackles, 16 solo & 6 assisted with one sack. Its not just about stats though, he is really a team leader and is always pumping up and getting the Saints defense hyped up.

The Saints need to have fun on the weekend off, but need to prepare and be ready for the Giants. The return of Bushrod and Bell will be key and both players will be needed and hopefully healthy. As for Williams, I am excited for his gameplan and what he is doing to prepare his defense for Manning and Company. Until next week... Geaux Saints!