Penn State Football's Brandon Ware Injury Report: The Art of Comeback

Lauren WilliamsContributor IOctober 11, 2009

As onlookers of football, when it comes to injuries, our view tends to be one-way. We have grown accustomed to watching the slow motion rerun clips on SportsCenter. Giving a close up on the rip and tear of a player’s knee as he attempts to break through tackles of 285-pound lineman. Yet, we never seem to really value the art of the comeback.

The impact that injuries have on a player is an immense one. In most occurrences of athletic injuries, the player faces grief reaction, fear of re-injury, and adjusting to the injury. The pain of an injury affects an athlete’s mind, and it’s difficult to be able to turn an injury around into a strength.

Interested on the impacts and effects of injuries, I sat down with defensive tackle Brandon Ware, to talk about his recent foot injury.

Prior to being red-shirted his first year at Penn State, Ware was a strong, tough tackle for Harrisburg High School. Very powerful on both sides of the ball, Ware was a standout lineman. He earned 2007 first-team Class AAAA all-state accolades, and was selected to play in the 2008 Big 33 Classic. During his senior season, Ware recorded 15 tackles for loss, including eight sacks, and forced one fumble.


When and how did you get injured?

I got injured Sept. 1st. I hurt it just running to the ball. It just popped. It was kind of sore all through camp, but I didn’t think anything of it.


What was the first thought that came to your mind when it all went down?

I was like, oh...I expected something to happen, like I expected something to go down with my foot because it was sore all the time. I just didn’t know when.


What did the doctors tell you? How long are you scheduled to be out?

They told me I broke the bottom of my fifth metatarsal, which is my pinky toe. They said four-to-six weeks, which is what it is or what is should be. (He laughs). It’s been six weeks.


When are you supposed to hit the field again?

I should practice on Monday.


What's it like having to be on the sidelines? Especially this being your first season after being red shirted.

It’s really boring. I did that all last year. I’m tired of waiting. I haven’t played in a meaningful football game since December 2007. At times when I’m watching the games, I want to just suit up 'n get on the field, but I can’t! I worked hard in the off-season and I don’t get the reward, which are the games throughout the season


Have you had any other injuries prior to now?

Oh yeah, my junior year of high school, I broke my left wrist in the first series of a game. I was mad because it was an important game. I did play the rest of the game though


Are you anxious to get back on the field?

Yes, very anxious! I’m tired of rehab. I just want to do what I came here to do!


Do you feel 100 percent health wise at this point?

I’m about 90 percent.