Futbol Factor: Which Englishman Can Achieve Fabio Capello's Stature?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2009

Within a year and a half from now, if not sooner, there will be a debate raging over which English or British manager has the best chance to lead the Three Lions after the Fabio Capello era ends.

This may sound too soon to speculate, but at least this article intends to give the average reader and football fan alike the chance to ponder England's managerial prospects.

So far, only a handful of managers are making a case (if any) for a chance to lead the Three Lions.

Tottenham stalwart Harry Redknapp is making a strong case for a shot at the top job, along with Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill, who's managerial performance with Aston Villa has transformed the club into an English feel-good story.

If the English FA were to go in the direction of hiring a new manager who's next-generation, perhaps none other than England Under-21's Stuart Pearce may claim the mantle as England's next manager. 

Stuart Pearce would be argued as the best alternative since he coach the current crop of young stars of the English game, plus, he works under Fabio Capello in the national setup, and advantage that a Martin O'Neill or Harry Redknapp lacks.

If the Football Association were to decide the stay the foreign, than none other than Jose Mourinho could wind up as the best choice. The bullish and proud Portuguese is a known admirer of the English game, and has repeatedly stated his desire to coach in England again sometime in the future.

Perhaps a stint as the English manager would be a worthy challenge in Jose's eyes, and perhaps the FA would be wise in choosing him as Capello's foreign successor. 

Much is to be debated about these names and other ones as well, but that the choice to determine England's managerial plot would have to wait at least three years, giving the Football Association enough time cultivate and choose a manager who it feels can best lead England to glory.