Brutal Knockout Leaves MMA Fighter Stiff as a Board on the Canvas

Brian OswaldMMA Editor March 18, 2017

In professional wrestling, Shawn Michaels is The Heartbreak Kid and The Showstopper. 

In amateur MMA, Sean Michaels broke Joe Mapanda's heart and stopped the show with a single punch.   

Michaels and Mapanda faced off in the main event of Hard Knocks 54 on Friday night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Michaels uncorked a pinpoint right hook that dropped Mapanda to the canvas, where he proceeded to take a quick nap. 

Michaels, who of course goes by HBK, improved to 3-1 in amateur competition. "Flash" Mapanda fizzled to 3-3. 

[h/t: MMA's preeminent GIF-maker Caposa]