Dallas Cowboys Leadership??? My Bad! Just tell it like it is!

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What’s it take to make others accountable for their OWN actions?

Now, that is the ultimate objective for any Head Coach!…. Any leader… Period!

I just got done watching NFL Sound FX & I have to tell you… You can see who is going to be successful & who isn’t. Who makes their players accountable & who doesn’t think they need to…

Its amazing… Simply amazing!

Listen to McDaniel’s as he is wired here

Look at the end of the Marshall play & see how Newman gives up, how not one secondary player was even 10 yards from him in the end zone… How if it wasn’t for Ratliff, Ware or Bradie James… Marshall could have walked in…

Ain’t that some shit?! A 300lb NT is the closest to Marshal? A 50 plus yard TD run? You GOT to be fuckin’ KIDDING me!

Where’s the accountability? Where is the Fucking PRIDE!

My bad!… You got that right!

Then let’s finish this off with some Samurai Mike.

49ers-tough-love" target="_blank">Lets see what happens when his Offensive lineman can’t block for the 49ers… & Wrs who drop balls…

Now that is how you get the job done… the greatest coaches in this world know how to break a player down & then build them back up.

They all have things in common, like:

They except no excuses… Period!

They expect the players to stay focused!… Period!

They make players accountable!… Period!

There is NO debate about this. These are mandatory leadership traits!

By god if the players don’t see it, you have to make them see it! No FUCKin’ excuse for it! I don’t care how big they are or high profiled they are! You make them see the light! Or go crawl back under the rock you came from!

Anyways, it is good to see it going on, to know that the fundamentals of being a Head Coach haven’t fallen on deaf ears. I rather enjoyed those clippings & got depressed at the same time.

there are many things, that make a quality Head Coach… But until you learn how to be a leader, nothing will help you…

Somewhere along the line in Wade Phillip’s life, he lost one of the most basic fundamentals you need to be a leader.

When it’s time to say something, you either have the balls to do so or you don’t! You expect accountability without excuses.

You can’t sugarcoat everything & think the opportunity is going to wait. You make your opportunities!

Even when I look at him, it makes my blood just boil. It’s not because of who he is, as he seems to be a nice guy, just in the wrong profession…

It’s because he is NO LEADER… Plain and simple… At this stage in his life, he will always drown in his own excuses.

I have my doubts that we will beat KC this Sunday. We just lost to a second rate QB, pathetic Rb’s & one of the worst defenses in the league last year & a rookie head coach… We could easily dress KC players up in Bronco uniforms & see the same game.

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