2009-10 Season Preview: Chicago Bulls

Aaron JosephContributor IOctober 9, 2009
2009-10 Season Preview: Chicago Bulls
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2008-09 Record: 41-41, 7th Seed in the Eastern Conference.

Key Loses
: Ben Gordon.

Key Rookies: Taj Gibson and James Johnson.

Probable Starting Line-Up:
Point Guard - Derrick Rose
Shooting Guard - John Salmons
Small Forward - Luol Deng
Power Forward: Tyrus Thomas
Center: Joakim Noah.

The Big Three: The Big Three here in Chicago are Luol Deng, Derrick Rose, and John Salmons. Luol Deng has been fighting off injuries on and off the last couple of seasons. Rose is the rookie sensation and prove doubters wrong, that it was just rookie luck. John Salmons, has a load of pressure, taken over Ben Gordon's position. The Chicago Bulls refused to negotiate with Ben Gordon and Jerry Reinsdorf, Chicago Bulls Owner, stated on Chicago's Comcast Sports Net, that the Bulls had no plans to resign Ben Gordon. Ben Gordon, shot maker, will be severely missed in Chicago and good luck in Detroit! John Salmons had a decent season last year and will continue to strive to become better. Luol Deng, who has the most pressure in the NBA to achieve, has been working at the gym since the season ended. Chicago Bulls General Manger stated that Luol Deng practically lived in the Berto Center and they would have to kick him out some days.

Derrick Rose, there's a load we could say about him, did you see the Chicago Bulls versus Boston Celtics Series? That truly was amazing and Rose proved all his doubters wrong. Rose had 36 points and had the most points for a rookie debut, even Michael Jordan didn't accomplish that, but let's not get carried away, Jordan's the greatest basketball player that ever lived anyways Derrick must prove all the hype received was not just luck, but was truly skill and he must lead the Bulls this season. Derrick, right after the playoff series ended, stated that he was going to be more aggressive this season. When Rose was aggressive, like in Game 1 of the playoff series, the Bulls won and Rose had 36 points. Rose, you gotta take the Bulls into the playoffs and into the second round at least. No pressure, kid.

John Salmons, slowly aging, but still has game, has a lot of pressure to achieve like the previous season. To increase pressure on John, the recent departure of Ben Gordon has made sorrow in Bulls Fans Hearts, which he must prove he can deliver. John plays better defense then Ben Gordon and now the Bulls can become one of the best defensive teams in the league once more. John Salmons, can crank up his game, when tested, and delivers. He may not be as streaky as Gordon, but John is very reliable, shown when he was traded from Sacramento. John can play shooting guard or forward and gives more versatility for the Bulls, stated by the Bulls Front Office.

Dynamic Duo: The Bulls could have a promising duo if Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah are improving their game since the season ended. Joakim Noah, stated, that he wants to be better offensively and he has this season to show that he can deliver. There's been a lot of disputes whether or not Tyrus Thomas should have been traded because he has the lowest basketball I.Q. in the league. Bulls Fans do not know if Tyrus has a post game yet, which we want him to develop, and he needs to work on his jumpers. Tyrus is a mix of a power forward and a small forward, he needs to become more of a power forward. He's been blessed with talent, now he just needs to use his head. If Joakim Noah, can deliver 10p.p.g./10r.p.g./3-4b.p.g., the Bulls and their fans will be extremely happy. The Bulls have inferred that they want Joakim as their center and aren't looking to trade him. Tyrus Thomas is on the block, per say, and could be headed somewhere, if his game does not drastically improve. The Bulls cannot wait anymore since the 2010 Free Agency Class will soon arrive.

Brad Miller, is unconcerned with being traded, during the season. The final year of Miller's contract is worth $12.25 million, which in the NBA's current economy could be a huge asset for a trading chip. A lot of teams will be trying to pry Miller from the Bulls. Miller has given Tyrus and Joakim veteran experience and fundamentals that they are keen to learn from Brad and Brad is keen to share them with both of them, for their improvement. This will be an interesting season for trades and much more.

Prediction: The Bulls, "Big Three, must come big this season and that's what will lead them to success. Derrick Rose will play a big chip this season and prove his doubters wrong, the same can be said as Luol Deng. With the departure of Ben Gordon, they'll be better defensively and still can spark points on the board. John Salmons will take the loss of Gordon on his shoulders and carry the Bulls on some sticky spots during the season. Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas are keen to improve, which is always a great attribute.

"In terms of personnel the Bulls are returning a team pretty similar to the one that made such long strides in last season's playoffs, with one glaring exception—Ben Gordon, their leading scorer the last four years, is now a Detroit Piston. Expectations remain relatively high for this group, however, if only because Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose is poised to further step up his game, and Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas are as close as they've ever been to fulfilling their tremendous potential. Adding in a healthy Luol Deng and a full season with John Salmons and Brad Miller, the Bulls are unquestionably a playoff team, but probably as a 5 or 6 seed. 2nd Place, Central Division", Joel Brigham from Hoops-World stated.

I'm agreeing with the above statement, and I see the Bulls as a 4-6 seed, depends on how well Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, and John Salmons play. If Deng returns to 05-06 all-star form, watch out! No matter how the Bulls do this season, the fans will keep their eyes on the Miami Heat's Standings. Dwyane Wade has stated he wants to be on a team that can win a NBA Championship and what better place to return to his hometown, if the Bulls do well this season.

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