Did Anyone Know That the UFL Debuted Last Night?

Gary G.Correspondent IOctober 9, 2009

Did you know that the United Football League started last night? Me neither.

Who is in charge of marketing? This is possibly the worst hype for a league that I have ever seen. There is more marketing for a high school football game that is held on a local cable network in my small town of upstate New York than there is for the UFL.

I really doubt half the people that have supported the UFL in saying that this league will survive. How can a league survive if no one even knows it started?

Let’s catch everybody up.

The Las Vegas Locos defeated the California Redwoods last night by a final score of 30-17.

The Locos have a roster full of ex-NFL players, including former first round quarterback J.P. Losman under center. Other players include running backs Marcel Shipp and D.D. Dorsey, wide receivers David Kircus, Samie Parker, and Tab Perry, linebacker Brandon Moore, and backup quarterback Tim Rattay.

All of these names, and did you know the game was on?

I had been following the UFL on a somewhat regular basis as they began to introduce us to coaches, players, and teams. However, I have become a little bit busier in the past month or so and haven’t followed it quite as much.

I figured that I would have seen a commercial or two about the debut game for UFL, but did I even see that? Nope. Because of that, I totally missed it.

Nice job UFL. Your marketing plan sucks. You want to compete with the NFL or even become a minor league for the NFL, you better try harder than that; otherwise all of this work that has been put into developing this league will go unnoticed when this league folds after just another season.

This is the XFL all over again. The only difference is that the XFL was on NBC. At least I knew when their debut game was so I could watch it.

I am already writing off the UFL. There is not a chance that this league survives. I know I won’t be the first to say it, but this is a one and done.

Rest in Peace, UFL.