Road to The Riches: A Daily Account Of My New Job As a Poker Pro, Day 2

Tony RoseContributor IOctober 9, 2009

Day 2 was a decent day for me but it started out tough as I did not cash in a 750K tourney that I won a seat to by playing a 69 dollar satellite. As you can see below I placed 1644 out of 4013. Now you would think that if I was able to basically beat or outlast about 2500 people that a 9, 18, 45 or 90 person sit & go would be simple to win. Ummm, not. 





108220989Oct 04 18:02ET$750,000 GuaranteeDouble Stack$200.00 + $164,0131,644--


I did place in a few sit & go's as I will show you in a minute, but the bulk of my winnings came from the cash games. I played the 1/2NL Hold 'em through out the day and in between tourny's just to get used to playing and did pretty well.

Cash games are cool. You can win a big pot and make good money quickly as opposed to a tourney where you can play for a couple of hours and win 18 bucks or worst case scenario for me, get knocked out on the money bubble and have nothing to show for your time.

As I said earlier I had a decent day, my bankroll is up to $726.80.  So my 2 day profit is $626.80. I think anyone would be happy with an extra 600 bucks for playing a game. Now all I have to do is double up every day until I reach my billion. OK, not likely, but I can dream can't I?

Here is my recorded tournament history for the day:



110959729Oct 05 00:55ET$33 + $3 Sit & Go (Turbo)Six HandedTurbo$33.00 + $363-- 
110950555Oct 04 23:22ET$20 + $2 Sit & Go $20.00 + $292$54 
110947752Oct 04 23:12ET$42 + $3 Sit & Go (Super Turbo)Turbo$42.00 + $396-- 
110364136Oct 04 22:42ET$33 + $3 Sit & Go (Turbo)Turbo$33.00 + $32719-- 
110941168Oct 04 22:20ET$55 + $5 Sit & Go (Turbo)Turbo$55.00 + $592$148.50 
110936776Oct 04 21:37ET$22 + $2 Sit & Go (Turbo)Turbo$22.00 + $292$59.40 
110915435Oct 04 19:02ET$20 + $2 Sit & Go $20.00 + $291$90 
108220989Oct 04 18:02ET$750,000 GuaranteeDouble Stack$200.00 + $164,0131,644-- 
108222985Oct 04 15:06ETSatellite to $750K GuaranteeTurbo$69.00 + $61011$216Entry to t...


Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow, wish me luck!