2009 Kansas City Chiefs: A Team In Progress

Bill RobbinsCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2009

Everyone has heard the predictions, the statements that indeed this version of the KC Chiefs was going to be much improved from last year.

We've heard it all.  There's a new GM, new Head Coach, and a new franchise QB to take over the reigns and improve the Chiefs.

During training camp we heard mostly good news from this team, and there were some bright spots in the pre-season.

Fast-forward to right before the start of Week Five of the '09 NFL regular season. The Chiefs are 0-4 and have looked every bit like the team of last year and very similar to Herm Edwards' past teams.

The offense has struggled.  The defense has struggled.  Special teams have struggled, with the exception of punter Dustin Colquitt and kicker Ryan Succop.

Let's start with the offense.  This line can't block if its life depended on it.  Brian Waters has somewhat lost his touch, Brian Albert has regressed, Mike Goff is too old, and Rudy Niswanger gets pushed backward on almost every play from scrimmage.

Matt Cassel has had hardly any time to release the ball, and when he does have time, he has not been in sync with his recievers.  Also, the Chiefs' recievers are not getting open, in particular, Dwayne Bowe.  Not to mention Larry Johnson is not the back that he used to be, and he can't break through the holes anymore.

Now for the defense.  They have been more consistent than the offense, but still have struggled mightily.

The Chiefs' number three overall draft pick Tyson Jackson has done next to nothing so far this season.  KC's D-line has lacked a consistent pass-rush so far this season, and the Chiefs' linebackers have not been making the plays behind them that they need to make in order for the new 3-4 scheme to be successful.

The lone bright spot on the defense has been the early play of the young secondary, particularly corner-backs Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers.

First, I'm gonna throw this out there: This year's Kansas City Chiefs have looked pathetic and awful in most phases of the game.

However, don't panic fans, because I believe we will be heading in the right direction in only a matter of time.  Scott Pioli and Todd Haley were brought in to completely change the culture of team and franchise.

They will not be able to do it in one season, much less four regular season games. Remember, Rome wasn't built in one day, and neither will this current Chiefs team.

Give it time, and Pioli will have built up a solid O-line and D-line comparable to New England's past lines, which included multiple pro-bowlers on both sides of the ball. 

Give it time, and Haley will have built up a great, pass-heavy offense that will consist of at least two solid wide receivers and a great quarterback.

I'm not sure if the change will be reflected much on the Chiefs' win-loss record this season, but over time it will become apparent.

I am writing this article as a frustrated Chiefs fan, but at the same time, I do have hope and promise for the future.

I realize that there are many fans out there, especially in Kansas City that are tired of hearing the words "rebuilding year" for their respective team during each season.

I am also sick and tired of hearing this.  In fact it seems like I've heard this just about every other year, since becoming a Chiefs fan at a very young age.

You've heard them all.  Patience is a virtue.  Good things come to those who wait.  Maybe, just maybe, everyone in Kansas City will experience a change for the good with this team in the near future.