Players Say USC Trojans Need More Noise in The Coliseum

Mitchell GoldenCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

BERKELEY, CA - OCTOBER 03:  The USC Trojans huddle together before their game against the California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Berkeley, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Coliseums were once the sites of raucous gladiator fights, with rabid fans cheering an epic battle of man vs. beast.

For a former Olympic Coliseum that seats over 90,000 Trojan faithful, one would think the crowd noise would be deafening.

Yet, with a student section that often filters back home halfway through a blowout win, and an alumni section too proper to stand and scream, opponents are not as scared as they should be.

Sure, the Trojans are nearly immortal at the Coliseum, losing only one home game (to Stanford in 2007) since the 2002 season. However, that does not stop Trojan players from commenting on how impressive other fields are.

Recently, a Trojan player (who asked to be quoted anonymously) reflected on the recent trip to Berkeley to play the Cal Golden Bears. He commented on the insane noise level, and more importantly, the attendance—according to this player, every fan stayed throughout the last minute of the 30-3 blowout.

Now, do not misread this article and claim, “Oh the players are complaining about their fan base.” That is not the attitude that the player conveyed through this opinion.

Instead, it is a request to avid Trojan fans. Players know that Trojans stay faithful for life, and many live and die by how the Trojans perform. Perhaps, the low crowd noise is due to decency—fans in the stands do not want to be rude to others by standing and screaming. The lack of outward enthusiasm does not signify a lack of caring—Trojan players and fans both know this.

This is a request to fans to show their love for the Cardinal and Gold like they never have before. Treat every game like it is the most important. Be rabid, have boundless energy. Work hard for the players that are working hard on the field. How can we, as fans, ask our players to do their very best if we do not give our all from the bleachers?

Players, analysts, and coaches all agree that noise plays a factor in several stadiums around the country. In fact, it can largely contribute to a win if opposing offenses cannot hear their own play calls. As Trojan fans, it is our duty to contribute as much as humanly possible, and help our beloved Trojan football team.

I leave you with an anecdote:

Last season, I was nothing but an innocent freshman. After learning the student section traditions by experience, I loved nothing more than to stand up all game and scream my lungs out.

On parents’ weekend, however, I decided to sit with my parents and watch the game from a different perspective.

Poor decision. The moment I stood up on a big play, a woman behind me yelled, “EXCUSE ME! Can you please sit down?!” When I screamed my support of a touchdown, I was looked at like a three legged chimpanzee.

I was aghast. The Trojans ran a humongous play, and not only was I one of the few people standing, but I was actually yelled at to sit down. I may be wrong, but I assume that in the Big House, or even Cal’s stadium, even the alumni stand and scream.

So let’s fix this, Trojans. Give the players the noise worthy of a championship caliber team, and make the Coliseum sound like the Coliseums of old.