Astros Baseball: Is It Too Early To Make A Call To Craig?

Denton RamseySenior Analyst INovember 1, 2016

Craig Biggio—a name linked with the Houston Astros franchise since his time behind the plate wearing that old-school bright orange uniform at the good ‘ole Astrodome.

I know I’m just showing my age here, but remember those times?

Good times; great memories.

With a new skipper waiting in the wings, it’s only a matter of time before Astros General Manager Ed Wade and team owner Drayton McLane make their managerial search list public knowledge.

So, who all will be on that short list of candidates? It may be a little early to begin spurting out names, but let’s day-dream for a bit about the possibility of bringing Biggio back into the dugout with the boys…

Can you imagine seeing Biggio back in the Minute Maid Park home dugout—this time as the Astros' skipper?

Maybe it’s just because I grew up watching this guy go from catcher to second base to center field and then back to second base with ease and comfort.

Biggio handled the game of baseball like few in the sport do—he’s an all-around awesome athlete and his ability to come through in the clutch, both offensively as well as defensively, made opponents cringe.

Did anyone really take getting beamed at the plate like Biggio did?

I mean, honestly—is there really anyone that has ever played America’s Pastime that even comes close to the likes of Craig Biggio?

I am not saying Biggio is better than players like Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth—but in many ways, no other player in professional sports history has done nearly as much for their team, their city, and their community as Craig Biggio.

No one.

However, I digress.

Personally, I believe it probably IS too early to begin dreaming about this possibility—but it’s fun to imagine.

The truth of the matter is that next year’s team will likely be A LOT different than the current roster.

And hopefully, a new manager will be named sometime in the near future so we can at least begin putting together a game plan for 2010.

Expect MANY moves, but we (as fans) must have faith that Wade and McLane can put the right pieces of the puzzle together to help mold and restore the Houston Astros into a championship organization.

Wade’s got a great resume on his side—now let’s see if he can right the sinking ship in Houston…

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