One Of California's Greatest New Golf Courses, Under Threat

CB MaxwellContributor IOctober 8, 2009

Trinitas Golf Course, Calaveras County, California, USA

Michael Nemee, Founder
SOS…..Golfers around the world, Call to arm’s - one of America’s finest golf courses--- (actually it's Golf’s Field of Dreams) is under threat of extinction by left wing activists funded by the TIDES Foundation that have crippled Rural Calaveras County in California and have directed them to tear out what golfers are calling the “Holy Grail of golf dreamers” around the planet.
Have you ever day dreamed about someday building a golf course, what golf junky or purest hasn’t? Well Mike Nemee had the same day dream, but he heard the voice inside and instead of laughing it off, he followed it. And by the grace of God, he and his wife sold off everything and bought an old dusty cattle ranch with an olive orchard on it and began to pursue the dream. Not to find riches but to build a place that is real, represents family and is the manifestation of every day dreaming golf junky and purest on this planet. The golf course is called Trinitas and was designed and handcrafted by this young family and has landed on the cover of national golf magazines and been mentioned in the same breath as Augusta National, Pebble and Cypress Point. 
But this is Trinitas, and there is nothing else like it. Great courses around the world carry an aura about them, is it the land, the history perhaps, the big named architect, the amount of money spent to build it even? Well at Trinitas, the place has its own aura, the course feels like a dream, and many get the same goose bumps playing it that they get when having that golf junky daydream of someday designing and building there own course.  It’s likely that way because of its pure nature, discovered by a guy following a voice, in a place so natural like god meant for the golf course to be there, like the movie version of Field of Dreams – “build it and they will come” like it was never built, it was instead discovered. Was that voice that Nemee heard in his head a calling to build or one to go out into the rural countryside to discover Trinitas?  Well you just have to see it or play it and then decide for yourself if this is indeed one of the few Holy Grails of Golf.  Golf insiders came early, hearing that there was this place, this guy, this dream, like a myth out there in the California gold Countryside that was doing something that could rival some of the greatest courses ever built.
As one lifetime Norcal PGA member recalled how he discovered Trinitas. “ I had a friend take me out in the middle of the boonies and convince me to jump over a barbed wire cattle fence, walk a half a mile up to a place that is now the 15th tee box and look out over an area and feel goose bumps like it was my wedding day, and I turned to him and said “bobby I am looking at 3 of the most spectacular golf holes that I have ever seen in my lifetime” and I look down there and there was this guy sitting in this big excavator digging a pond all by himself, just like the story, the myth that had been going around for a year or so. The guy in the excavator was Mike Nemee. “In my opinion, Trinitas is one of the best courses to be constructed in California in the past 50 years.”  Buzzini would go on to say.
A year later, Trinitas is found gracing the cover of the NCGA magazine and Golf Today Magazine and was becoming the buzz of the industry. A course a hair under 6800 yards with a 149 slope and a 73.3 rating discovered and perfected by a guy with no experience in the golf business other than chasing the voice and living the dream. A course that could host a major championship or a Ryder or Presidents Cup, a true reward perhaps for a young couple chasing and living the dream?
It sounds like the American dream, but that’s when it becomes every dreamer’s nightmare. In 2005, the Nemee’s become vilified by a couple who decided to move into the rural neighbor a mile or so from Trinitas. Far left wingers who came from a neighboring County with 25 years of anti property rights and no growth protesting experience as well as financial ties to the left wing mother ship, TIDES foundation. They launched a sophisticated vilification campaign against the dreaming Nemee"s, declare that Trinitas is an environmental Chernobyl, has caused devastation to the land, wildlife, and agriculture in the area and that they don’t want this in their neighborhood. Wait a minute those NIMBY”S just moved here a few years ago, what ever happened to property rights? They went on to hire the California Lieutenant Governor’s brother-in-law and famed no growth attorney to cripple the defenseless rural Calaveras County government and scare them into denying the Nemee’s and the local community’s dream of what Trinitas would mean for a rural County of 44,000 people currently being pummeled by foreclosures and 20% unemployment. The Community responded to the Nemee Family’s cry for help, the Deputy Sheriffs, Firefighters, Labor and Trade Union’s, Taxpayers Association, Schools Superintendent, The water district and local Chamber of Commerce all stood up for this family and their community. The water district included Trinitas in its bid to get federal Stimulus money in Obamas Federal Stimulus package, the project was even mentioned by name in the Army Corps section 219 as an anchor user for a surface water pipeline that was to be built with $30 million in federal aid to bring agricultural water to arid areas of west Calaveras to boost the local farm economy.
 On May 5th, 2009 the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors after putting the family through 3 Environmental studies and 5 years of red tape, thanks to our friends at the TIDES funded local chapters of “not in my back yard protesting chapters” voted 3-2 to deny the Nemee’s and the Community the Holy Grail and all that it had to offer.  But wait a minute, the nationally recognized golf course is already there, ready to open, ready to welcome fresh tourism dollars for this starving community, with a $2.5 million construction loan made to the dreaming Nemee Family after County officials visited their bank and assured them the project was to be approved.
On May 15th the Nemee’s fought back filed suit against the County that once embraced them but had now fallen into the grips of the no growth agenda, and they opened the golf course. The county sent them a letter stating that their project had been denied and that they may keep the golf course as long as they didn’t play golf on it.  If golf occurred in any capacity, the County would be forced to launch an abatement action to have it removed. How could this be? One of the best new courses in America, perhaps the next Holy Grail of Golf and a County who has been taxing the Dreaming Nemee’s for a commercial golf course since 2005, and whose bank former County employees visited to make assurances and their loan to build the course, have now cleaned house, turned tail and their back on what could have revived an entire community to now say “don’t use or we will tear it out”. Are we in America? Where is fair government and where is the common ground for all.
On Tues Oct 6th, 2009 the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors heard the appeals of the Nemee family to save the golf course and allow them to open. The community and the banker holding the loan plead with the board members to do what Is right by the Nemee’s who relied on former officials actions and grant their appeal and stave of the bank auction of the Holy grail of golf out from under them that was scheduled for Fri Oct 9th. The pleas fell on deaf ears of the 3 previous dissenting votes and the appeal fell short at 3-2. Tides and the Left had formed a tight grip on the 3 board members sending in hired gun attorneys and out of towners to threaten the mother of all lawsuits against this small County if they allowed the dreaming Nemee’s to follow the dream any further.
On Oct 7, 2009 the Nemee’s filed Chapter 11.  Once a couple chasing the dream and who had added two small boys during their 9 years saga and had to protect their future as well. The Federal bankruptcy court could afford them protection of Golf’s Holy Grail from being dismantled and sold off by the bank and hopefully for long enough for the legal process to remedy their and the community’s pain.
Even more galvanized then ever by the reality that they could lose everything in pursuit of their and their children’s future, the Nemee’s responded by reaching out to the entire golfing planet to come to Trinitas,  play the course and support the dream of every golf junky and purest on the planet! Call 209-887-9150 or go to the website at Trinitas
Follow the Dream!
Mike Nemee
“Build it and they will come…” Field of Dreams.