"Dear Jay Cutler.." An Apology From a Loyal Bear Fan To the Franchise QB

Max KienzlerAnalyst IOctober 8, 2009

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 04: Fans of the Chicago Bears hold a sign referring to quaterback Jay Cutler #6 during a game against the Detroit Lions on October 4, 2009 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Lions 48-24. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Dear Jay Cutler,

On April 2, 2009 I wrote the following article Chicago: Bad Move Bears">"Jay Cutler to Chicago: Bad Move Bears"

I sat there as the deal was announced to bring you to the Bears and said it was the wrong decision.

Here is a direct quote from yours truly,

"But let me be clear on this, I hope Jay Cutler becomes a great quarterback with the Bears and leads us to victory. I will cheer him on.

I just think this was a stupid move by a desperate GM. And I don't think this makes the team a contender unless the offensive line stays healthy and becomes more effective, the receivers learn (and learn how to catch), and the defense gets back to making stops."

Now the offensive line has been healthy, the receivers have played outstanding (including Johnny Knox who was drafted with the fifth round pick Denver gave the Bears) and the defense has been pretty clutch in the second half.

But you, Mr. Cutler, have been everything a Bears fan could ever dream of and more. Even with a rocky week one, your completion percentage has been outstanding and your leadership has shown through.

You have established yourself as the best player on this team and, as long as this type of play continues, the future of the Chicago Bears franchise.

This doesn't mean you are free and clear from here on however. I will still be watching every pass you throw. But now instead of anticipating problems, I will be expecting greatness.

I believe this offense should have no problems putting up 24-plus points per game. I believe you will lead us to the playoffs.

Before, I thought those expectations were lofty. Now, I not only think it is reasonable, but feel that playing in the NFC Championship game is in reach.

So I was wrong.

And what is more, I should have known that doubting you was foolish, especially when I read these other sources who thought the Bears made a bad dealt the time...

"... The Bears on Thursday traded their first- and third-round picks this year, their first-round pick next year and Kyle Orton to the Broncos in exchange for Cutler, a 2009 fifth-round pick and a six-pack of baby formula."

- Rick Morrissey, of the Chicago Tribune (Apr. 3, 2009) article here

 "Jay Cutler has three people to blame for his trade from the most talented young offensive team in football to one of the least: 1. Jay Cutler. 2. Jay Cutler. 3. Jay Cutler."

- Peter King, SI.com (Apr. 2, 2009) in an article titled, "Cutler might regret Denver exile"

“Right now the Chicago Bears have lost both their starting tackles. OK?  Their starting receivers, if you can name ‘em , good luck... They’ve got Rashied Davis and Brandon Lloyd, alright… They are a shambles. They are on offense what the Denver Broncos are on defense: and that’s Swiss cheese. And they have got a lot of holes to fill.

And Jay Cutler got traded to a position right now where the strongest arm in the world is not gonna, it’s not going to help you when your laying on your back looking up and going “Man, why am I in Chicago right now?”

That’s gonna hurt you. .. so he’s gotta go out and earn the respect of his teammates and  they have a lot of work to do on offense, do the Chicago Bears,  to fill those holes but guess what?  They gave away all their picks to fill those holes with, so they are in trouble”

- Mark Schlereth, ESPN (Video on day of trade)

The list could go on (I could dig up several quotes from Schlereth) but these covered most of the spectrum.

All three of these respected sports journalists blasted YOU Jay; they blasted you for the entire debacle in Denver and the following trade to Chicago.

All three expected you to fail and to regret leaving Denver and its green grass and dominating receivers.

All three expected you to complain and whine about how little talent you had around you now in Chicago.

And both they and I were wrong...

(Should have known something was wrong when I actually found myself agreeing with Mark Schlereth).

So here is my formal apology Jay:

I am sorry. I am sorry I doubted you without giving you a chance. I was wrong about you from the start. I don't ask for forgiveness Jay, I only ask that you please keep continuing to prove me wrong.




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