Gator Bait: Oh, Did You Think I Was Talking About LSU? No, It's Tim Tebow

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 8, 2009

This Saturday, we are set to see one of the premier games of the SEC, LSU vs Florida. Okay, let's just air the dirty laundry now: LSU is the luckiest freakin' team in the nation right now. And this week seems to be no different.

Okay, you should have lost to Georgia and Mississippi State, but you didn't. Now, you go to a No. 1 Florida team that has star player and best leader in the nation in Tim Tebow, and he may not be the Tebow of old.

After talking with a few knowledgeable people, it looks like Tebow WILL PLAY this Saturday. However, he WILL NOT be starting. Instead, second string QB John Brantley will be making his first start this season.

Brantley is a guy who is perfectly able to lead this Florida team, as a matter of fact, many think he is a better passer than Tebow. The only reason he is not starting right now is because Tebow is so good at many other things on the field other than passing. And, he is not the worst passer in the nation either.

While he may be a bit wild on his throws sometimes, he is at least getting the ball to his wide-outs, which is good enough in my mind. Then you add what else he does, and you have a great player that you'd be crazy not to put in the game.

Don't sleep on Brantley, football fans. This guy already has four TDs this season, only two behind Superman. Oh, and no INTs by the way. Okay, so he has not been starting and he only comes in at the end of games. While this is true, most backups come in and manage games, usually handing the ball off to seal the win, they don't lead drives down the field and score a lot.

Brantley's throws were a bit off last week against Kentucky; we all saw it. However, he usually does not get many reps with the first team offense in practice. This week, he has been getting them all, then split time with Tebow when he was able to come back and practice.

So, I feel he will be prepared this time around. And even if he is not, he still has the nation's top running game in his backfield. Without Tebow, this running crew has almost 1,000 yards on the ground already. Tebow adds an extra 240 or so when he is in.

Now, because Tebow is supposed to play this week, many feel that he will come in and try to run the ball up the gut or be the Tebow of old. Of course, he will be passing some, considering you don't want to be too one dimensional.

I feel we will see a different Tebow, one that could be a bit timid. He can't go out there and get hit the same way he did against Kentucky. If he does, then it could be goodbye football career.

No one wants to see that, so Tebow may try and be a pure passer and if/when he does run, he won't do it right up the middle. He'll probably go more so to the outside to get out of bounds before the big hit.

While this LSU team is not statistically considered one of the best defenses in the nation, they are a defense that will hit you in the mouth, and will make sure you know they are there. From what I have seen, they hit as hard or harder than any defense in the nation right now.

The reason LSU has been so lucky is because of that defense; they are near the top in turnovers. Tebow will put his health and life before the football, so there could be a fumble or two.

Not to mention, Brantley isn't all that experienced in playing an entire football game in college, especially in the SEC. So, he may let the ball loose. Also, if he is not as ready as many think he is, then a few picks could go LSU's way.

Now, people should realize that Tebow will not get as many touches as he normally does. I would estimate 20, but of course that is only a guess. They want to make sure he sees action, but because he is coming back from a concussion, they don't want him getting too much too soon. Which is expected.

Any QB who has had a concussion before will tell you it is hard to come back right after, because you do have that hint of doubt. You do have that voice inside your head telling you not to do exactly what you used to, to stay protected.

Tebow will no doubt have that running through his head, even if no one can tell.

In my personal opinion, Tim Tebow will be bait, he will come in and everyone will think he is getting the ball or going to try and run it. But, it may go to someone else. Of course, he will be throwing and possibly running too, just to make sure LSU knows he is there.

But, because LSU and anyone else who has seen Tim Tebow knows what he can do, they will have to cover this guy to make sure he won't do anything to beat them.

The matchup on LSU's offense vs Florida's D is any easy one. LSU won't be able to get a lot over on them. That offense has not been great, however Florida's defense has been.

Sure, some will say if the offense of LSU was not great they wouldn't have won their games. To them, I say the reason they won is pure luck. Miss. State should have beaten them, but they didn't because LSU held them on the one-yard line. Miss. State had a few chances to get the win, but because no running back knows how to stretch the ball out on that team, LSU escaped.

They also looked bad against Washington. This was the team that beat USC, but a down USC, mind you. LSU should have beaten this PAC-10 team down, but they let Washington compete.

Then recently, they beat an unpredictable Georgia team; it's a Jekyll and Hyde thing with them. One day they are good, then all of a sudden, they suck.

They had many chances to beat LSU, but didn't. They just let Scott walk into the end zone last week, which made all of us sit back and say, "WHAT?"

I know I screamed, "Where is the D?!" But I digress.

LSU is getting lucky, and while they may be getting lucky this week with a down Florida team, we don't need to change their name to Notre Dame just yet. LSU will take the Tebow Bait because they just have to.

If you don't pay attention, he will beat you. If you do, then someone else will. It's as simple as that.


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