Motivation against LSU: TEBOW

KebContributor IOctober 8, 2009

Remember 2007? All the phone calls and text messages that Tebow received. Well that’s happening again, but to John Brantley as well. I have a question for the faithful of the Bayou: Why would you want to add motivation for a team that is CLEARLY superior to yours?

I have spoken with many LSU fans and Alumni over the past week and it seems that the main argument, outside of the fact that Tebow is concussed, is that Florida hasn’t played anyone.  I even received late night text messages from a Miami (FL) fan Saturday saying that Florida didn’t deserve to be number one due to the same fact and that Tennessee exposed the Gators for what they really are, Tebow and nothing else.

 Nothing Else?

 That fired me up.

 Nothing Else?

Tell that to the defense. When all Gator fans started talking about a Perfect season, I was asked if I would jump on that bandwagon and of course I jumped on. I joined in because no matter who plays quarterback the other team still has to score, which is not an easy task against the Gator  "D".  I could play QB and we would win.  Let LSU not forget that this is the same defense that held the greatest scoring offense in the History of Collegiate Football to 14 points.  They’re good.

I am sure that they need extra motivation.

What about the running game you say? Did LSU not pay attention to the three hundred plus rushing yards that the Gators put up against Kentucky? Oh, that’s it…it’s because we played Kentucky!  Let me take that argument out right now: You have to play your schedule and they are an SEC team. The worst team in the SEC is a middle team in another conference like the PAC 10. It’s not like we almost lost to Mississippi State or anything.

That brings me to another point. LSU seems to have an issue every time they face a team that is based in the spread offense. Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs should have won that game and I know it’s not the spread, but they got off the hook at Georgia too. Looks like the refs will be watching the calls in this game, so the fans started in on calling and texting the players. Pretty adult, don’t you think? I wonder, did they take the time to text Joe Cox or A.J. Green last week?

Did LSU start calling and texting John Brantley to tell him that he could be a starter on more that half of any of the other schools because of how good he is? This guy is a gold mine. There is more fun in store for Gator fans with John Brantley. He just doesn’t have the experience. I don’t know if Baton Rouge, at night is the best place for him to start, but I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. Especially when Urban spent all week dusting off the playbook from the 2006 season. 

I could go on all day long of why you would not want to annoy the Gators right now but most of all it’s for the emotional bond that this team has with it’s leader, Tim Tebow. I know it’s more than likely going to be a game time decision if he plays at all, but I think that I am leaning towards not wanting him to play.

Now before you throw something at me, let me tell you what I mean.

Besides the fact that I would not want to see him get injured further, I know that the players on this team love Tim Tebow. They respect him as a player, person, and as their leader. So I want to see what this team can do when they come out of the locker room after a, “ Let’s win this one for Tim” speech from Brandon Spikes. Or a “ He’s been doing it for you” speech by Joe Haden. Or a “ He could probably play my position better than me” speech by Major Wright.  It could possibly light the biggest fire the Gators have ever seen. It probably won’t be bigger than the promise, but the same outcome may arise.

So X’s and O’s aside, emotion will rule this game, and I can’t think of a better person to win it for.