Why Non BCS Schools Can't Play For The BCS Title: Boise State!!!

Doug UrschelCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

I believe some at the BCS or the "Non BCS" is messing with the football fans of this nation again.  Boise State is ranked above USC, Ohio State, Miami, Penn State, Oklahoma, Georgia and fifty other schools who play other schools with football teams.

How did that happen?

Boise State's schedule:

- Oregon: Who Boise played on the circus-like Blue Turf.  That is their one decent game on their schedule.

- Miami (Ohio)

- Fresno State:  Proving that they will "play anyone, anywhere."

- Bowling Green:   Sounds like a place in Ireland.

- UC Davis: A California research school.  Maybe Boise State was hoping that UC Davis could find a cure for their anemic recruiting program (ranked as 81st in the nation by RIVALS).

- Tulsa:  Why not Mayberry?

- Hawaii: Hey, only if your school is on the west coast, do you have an excuse to play these guys.

- San Jose State:  The second best football team that Boise will face.

- Louisiana Tech:  They are the exclusive "schedule pad" of the SEC.  You only get one of those schools a season and Boise, you've filled your schedule with them.

- Idaho:  Only if you're looking for potatoes.  It's a stretch if you say you want to play football.

- Utah State:  Another Non BCS school seeking justice by playing teams without uniforms, equipment, coaches, seating for their fans, and most important, national ranking.

- Nevada:  Come on Boise!  No more padding your schedule.  This is way out of line here!  Give it up!  You are not a national football power if you play teams like this.

- New Mexico:  Why not "Old Mexico" or "Future Mexico?" 

Mr. and Ms. Boise State football:  You can't play so many dead-beats without being looked at as dead yourselves.  Does the saying, "If you lay down with dogs, you will get fleas" mean anything to you?

Mr. and Ms. Boise State:  I don't wish to offend your football team.  I just wish to apply a little common sense to a growing cry of why Non BCS teams are not considered to be worthy of playing for the BCS Championship.

UC Davis is located in California and is a research institute.  They have a football team, but not really a football team.  They have uniforms, but they aren't expected and never do play well.

Why has your school (Boise State) scheduled them and schools like them to play football games?

UC Davis 2009 football schedule:

Fresno State: Watch out Fresno State, you are popping up on too many FCS schedules.

- Montana:  Nice place for a hike or to hunt bear, but no football is played there.

- Western Oregon:  Next season it will probably be North by Northwest Oregon.

- Boise State:  Wow!  This is fantastic for UC Davis.  They get to play a team that has fooled the voters.

- South Dakota:  Give me time.  It's coming.

- Winston-Salem State:  Now please.  This is now off the road.  However, I do know why this school will never play Florida.  It's west of the Mississippi River and everyone knows the Gators don't travel.  They are west of the Mississippi River, aren't they?

- Portland-State:  I think having the word "State" follow the first name is bad.

- Southern-Utah:  Bet you hadn't heard of that school.  UC Davis had to do research to find it.

- CAL POLY, San Luis Obispo:  Hey, that's where I live.  It's a great school for agriculture and engineering.  It's not to be confused as the "soul" of college football.

- North Dakota:  I told you it was coming.  If you play South Dakota, you might as well play North Dakota.  However, to save gas for the team bus, they should have had a double-header.  Oh, didn't I tell you that UC Davis was a "Green-School."  There's no way they would fly and pollute the air.  They travel by a natural gas bus or bicycle, when possible.

Sacramento State:   Yup, you guessed it.  They put a cap on the season with a bicycle ride to the State Capitol chanting "We're Bak" in honor of Governor Arnold.

There is no reason to believe that Boise State could play with the "big boys" week to week.  None what so-ever.    However, the media (ESPN) and the like, are trying to fill their 24 hour a day news cycle and Internet Blogs with...crappy ideas.  

Now, the coaches have been pounded on for so long that they are starting to feel the pressure of needing to put a Non BCS school in the BCS Title game.  Nonsense, ignorance, gutless and the desire of wanting to be a "Metro" man all figure into the voters ranking Boise State as they did.

I'll just give a couple of facts that the "costume ball football field" people can't deny.

USC is ranked below you.  USC has twice as many players (from their 2008 team) who now start in the NFL than you have recruits committed to play for your school next year.   

Where is your quarterback from the past three years? Where is he now playing?  Can I have that question applied to all who graduated from your team last year?

I've followed USC football closely for over 50 years and I don't recall any player going to Boise State that USC wanted on their team.  I could be mistaken, but how many times?

I used USC as the example, but the BIG-10. ACC, BIG-6, BIG-12 and the SEC should all be offended by the ranking of Boise State.

The truth be known, if Boise State can be considered for the BCS Title game, why shouldn't CAL POLY, San Luis Obispo? 

World science dictates that "a single parcel cannot be concluded as the worth of the whole."  Likewise, a single game (Oregon) cannot be concluded as the worth of Boise State football. 

Logic, science, common sense, screams out to the voters that Boise State is not worthy to be ranked with the best teams of college football.  If Boise State is the sixth best college team in the nation, then college football has fallen quicker than the dollar.

It's truly the time to watch the NFL, nothing in college is worth the bother.




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