Here Is Why LSU Will Own Florida This Saturday Night

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 25:  Les Miles of the LSU Tigers watches from the sidelines during their football game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Tiger Stadium on October 25, 2008 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)

To quote Jimmy Buffett, "Come Monday it will be alright" only if you were gold and purple. This is going to be the game that everyone is going to be talking about saying how and why did this happen?

LSU has looked more like LSwho over the past year and a half, but all that will go by the wayside come Saturday Night. Don't think it can happen? Well here are some of the major reasons why it can and will happen.


5. John Chavis

This guy is a very good defensive coach and finally has the talent to match his ability to scheme. I know the LSU defense has not showed its full potential this year, but this #1 Florida. Every player on this team is hyped and ready to play.

The score from last year’s game has been on the minds of these players all year long. This will be the coming out party for the LSU defense.


4. The Offense

There is entirely too much speed and talent in the skill positions for this team to continue to underperform like it has. If anybody in the SEC is as fast as the Gators it is the LSU offense. Trindon Holiday may be the fastest man in football, and if he is not it is really close.

The receiving corps will show up for this game lead by Tolliver. That is right watch for T. Tolliver to have the game of his life against Florida’s cornerbacks.


3. Tebow

It does not matter whether he plays or not the Florida offense will be a step slower and rustier than they have been all year. It will still be a running and scoring machine but it will not be as sharp has it usually is. John Brantley is not Tim Tebow. I don't care how good the kid is there will be a drop off. Tebow is not Tim Tebow at least not right now.

If Tim plays he will be playing having not practiced for almost two full weeks. I’m sorry there will be some drop off either way it goes. Any drop off in production will be pounced on by the LSU defense eager for redemption.


2. Night Time In Baton Rouge

Really, LSU has 23 straight night game victories. The Fans are always rowdy and obnoxious but at night they become insufferable. The fan base consist of Drunks, Cajuns, and Rednecks who when have time to properly medicate (GET DRUNK!!!) can be the imposing fan base in all college football.

I was at the last Saturday night home game LSU lost to Alabama 31-0 and I left the stands because I feared for my life.

These folks are nuts and it is a completely different animal. Florida can say their prepared and all that but the last time they strolled into Baton Rouge prepared to play they limped out!!!


1. Les Miles Is The Luckiest Man Alive

This guy could win the lottery without buying a ticket. My grandpa said it best when we watched the Georgia game “Boy when Les wins he surprises God". Maybe he is a great coach, maybe he is a mad genius, or maybe he is a moron who is just one lucky SOB. Who knows?

The one thing we do know is that the man seems to win. Last year I thought his luck had run out, but after the MSU and UGA games I have to admit Luck is still a resident in Baton Rouge.

If you doubt that he is that lucky watch the Florida 07 game, or even better the '07 Auburn game when he did not even know how much time was on the clock. That my friend is luck in it must pure form. Some say we make it others say where born with it but I for one thing Les is made of it.


So there are the main reasons LSU will win. If you think I’m crazy then just look at the top 10 over the past three years and upsets have become common place. Any team can win on any day or night. I do not think LSU is better than Florida but I do believe that fate and the stars have all fell into place for LSU. So have a fun weekend and GOOD LUCK!!!