Is Wwe Not Treating Black Wrestlers Fairly?

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

Hello ladies and fellows.Welcome to my latest article which is about the WWE not treating black people fairly.What I mean is that there are/were a lot of black wrestlers in the WWE that are not being treated fairly.I am not saying that the WWE is necessarily treating all the black wrestlers un-fairly but there are a lot of great examples of black wrestlers that weren't/aren't being treated well by the WWE.

Do you remember about 3-4 years ago in Smackdown a guy named Orlando Jordan?Orlando had a great technique and he made people look good in the ring.He was introduced as Jbl's bodyguard-yesman and he was the one that did JBL's dirty bussines.He got a US title reign after beating superman John Cena but ended up being humiliated after losing 3 times in under 30 seconds by Chris Benoit.Now I respect Chris Benoit but WWE made Jordan seem like an idiot , having him jobbing around to Benoit.Jordan was a great technical wrestler that deserved a lot more than he was given.

My second example is about the well-known Tna superstar Bobby Lashley.Lashley got several US title reigns but again wasn't well treated by the WWE.He never got a major-title and he was usually in the mid-card.Bobby is one of the best wrestlers that stepped in the ring, he was very fast and powerful.To say the truth WWE didn't treat him unfairly but he didn't get what he deserved, what I mean is:How can Batista and Cena have all this title reigns and Lashley didn't get any reigns while he is way better?

My last example is Shelton Benjamin.Shelton is simply the most athletic superstar that will ever exist.He could become a legend if he was correctly treated!The WWE has Shelton jobbing to R-truth and Koffi Kingston ignoring the fact that he has been in the bussines for over 5 years while it is not even the 2nd year of those two guys.Shelton should have been at least a WWE champion not to mention that the WWE should give him a long reign also.Lets face it people Shelton is a mini Kurt Angle,still the WWE believed it was entertaining having him being Momas boy and they believed that he isn't good enough for a major title reign

This is the end of my article.I might think/do a second part.Thank you for spending some time with me.Any comment/feedback is honeslty appreciated.( the picture above doesn't mean that wwe is racistic it was put purely for fun:)