Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers: Oct. 8

Junkyard JakeCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

Fantasy Football Sleepers/Creepers
Our thoughts on some possible undervalued and overvalued players...

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Kenny Britt, WR

- While the Tennessee Titans seem to have lost their direction, their ability to stop anyone on defense, probably some season ticker holders, and certainly whatever community goodwill they had accrued from their 13-3 season in 2008, all is not completely lost for the team this year.

One reason for cautious optimism has been the play of rookie receiver Kenny Britt. Although he is supposed to be backing up Justin Gage, Britt was actually targeted 11 times compared to Gage’s five targets this past week, and his 271 yards thus far puts him on pace for a 1,100 yard season.

There are many other worse choices you could make as your No. 3 receiver, so Britt is certainly worth picking up.


Leon Washington/Dustin Keller, RB/TE

- Washington and Keller sputtered along to barely mentionable performances along with the rest of the Jets this past week against New Orleans, helping to create a possibly interesting ‘bad news/good news’ situation.

The ‘bad news’, is that by failing to do anything offensively this past week, the Jets have helped to encourage the Saints delusional belief that they know how to play defense.

The ‘good news’ is that the Jets schedule over the next month turns ridiculously easy (Oakland, Buffalo, two games vs. Miami) so Washington and Keller should make amends for their respective slow starts in the near term.


Marques Colston/Devery Henderson, WR

- In what constitutes a full-blown fantasy football crisis, New Orleans QB Drew Brees has thrown for exactly zero TDs over the past two games. To help understand how unlikely this is, Brees usually throws for 300 yards and 2 TDs during his bye week. Ok, not really, but you get the point.

Coincidentally, while the Saints are on bye this week, it could make sense to work out a trade for Colston or Henderson, as the Saints have some great matchups over weeks seven through 11, with games against the Dolphins, Falcons, Panthers, Rams and Buccaneers.

Colston is of course the more consistent option, but Henderson is worth consideration given his big-play potential.


Marshawn Lynch, RB

- It wasn’t exactly a triumphant return for Marshawn Lynch this past week, as he rushed for a grand total of four yards on eight carries. While he clearly seems to be suffering from suspension hangover, note that he was at least active on passing downs with five catches for 43 yards.

Fred Jackson will surely maintain a significant role in the Bills running game going forward, but the Jackson/Lynch coalition will probably transpire into around a 50-50 carry timeshare. Moreover, Lynch’s career average of 4 YPC suggests that he probably won’t have too many more games where he gains half-a-yard per carry.


Mohamed Massaquoi, WR

Ok, so Massaquoi was targeted 13 times this past week, ending the day with 8 catches and 148 yards. Those kind of numbers deserve attention, but it's truly surprising that Brian Robiskie isn't the guy being talked about at this point. In fact, Brain Robiskie please report to the front desk so we can slap some sense into you.

So is Massaquoi for real? Well, he's got good size and strength, decent speed, and a strong work ethic. More importantly for immediate fantasy purposes, he's got Derek Anderson's attention and with the departure of Braylon Edwards, the tentative No. 1 receiver spot on the Browns.


JaMarcus Russell, QB

- You probably could just throw a dart at the Raiders offensive depth chart and fill in the blank here, but JaMarcus Russell has really been so bad that he has possibly distinguished as the most inept player on a completely dysfunctional offensive unit.

It was especially amusing that right after Russell completed 36 percent of his passes for 128 yards, Raiders coach Tom ‘Hitman’ Cable went on to say 'I thought (Russell) played his best football all year in terms of where he is going with it and his presence and all of those things...'...Really Hitman?

Cable also mentioned that he thought Gilbert Gottfried has a lovely singing voice, and how impressed he was that Darrius Heyward-Bey dropped less than five passes this week.


Kerry Collins/LenDale White, QB/RB

- If you are an NFL quarterback, you know things are going bad for you when there is talk that you may soon be replaced by Vince Young. For the Titans to go back to Vince Young, at this point is probably like Regis ditching Kelly Ripa for Kathy Lee Griffin again. However, with the Titans at 0-4, and possibly reaching for the panic button, the transition from Collins to Young can’t be ruled out.

As far as LenDale White goes, he was definitely a lot more fun when he was a jolly 30 pounds heavier. This new svelte Lendale White with his five carries for 20 yards a game is kindof a bummer.

Fantasy football fans everywhere might consider a campaign to start baking him some of those rum & chocolate chip bundt cakes he allegedly gave up this offseason.


Kyle Boller/Marc Bulger/Donnie Avery, QB/WR

Kyle Boller threw his hat into the ring to stake his claim to the enviable position of Rams starting QB this week. Unfortunately, like many of Boller’s passes, the hat missed the ring, and hit an unsuspecting fan in the face.

Basically, the lessons here are: 1) don’t sit in the first five rows when Kyle Boller is planning to throw footballs or hats. 2) There really does not seem to be anyone worth starting from the Rams offense who isn’t named ‘Steven Jackson’.


Braylon Edwards, WR

- So is Mohamed Massaquoi really that good or is Braylon Edwards just too occupied with planning his next career as a capricious street fighter vigilante? It’s hard to say, but between his new personal indiscretions, his lack of focus and having footballs bounce off his helmet three or four times a game, Edwards' 1,289 yard 16 TD season in 2006 seems like a very distant memory.

The trade this week to the Jets lends hope, but it is probably safer to use other options in case Edwards finds new ways to get himself into trouble in his new zip code.


Deion Branch/Nate Burleson, WR

- Welcome back Deion Branch! Will this be an extended return, or will you go on to miss half the season like you usually do? One positive for Branch this week, is that he did catch 100 percent of the six targets thrown in his direction.

However, as long as Branch can manage to stay on the field, there probably isn’t enough mediocre passing offense to go around in Seattle to make him and Burleson dependable enough to use for fantasy purposes.


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