PUNT YOU! Top Ten Greatest Punts Of Randy Orton

Miss AnnieAnalyst IOctober 8, 2009

We just witnessed Randy Orton won his 6th World Title.  And he won it using one of the most devastating move in his arsenal, the dreaded PUNT.  It's one of the simplest yet most brutal moves ever.

How does he do it?  He said it was all about running towards his opponent, gaining speed and momentum, putting all his power off of his left leg and onto the right as he swings through.  He said nothing can compare to the force of his leg when he follows through.  (I believe him. Have you seen his legs?)

The punt has felled many victims, putting his opponents on the injured list for months on end.  And it's one of my favorite moves because…well, he looks great doing it. Haha!

This is a tribute to Randy Orton's Greatest Punts ever...in my opinion.

Note: This is not by order of when it happened.  I think some people considered the kick to Foleys head down a plight of stairs as the first, but officially, they say it started with the one on Shawn Michaels at Vengeance 2007.

Number 10: Sgt. Slaughter

On July 30 2007, Sarge came out on Raw and Challenged Randy Orton.  Well, of course he lost and has since been added to the list of "Legends Killed" by the Legend Killer.  I think this happened during the orginal run of "The Age of Orton."

Number 9: Mick Foley

Mick was another Legend that has been killed by the Legend Killer.  He fell victim to the punt not just once but twice.

The first one was down a plight of stairs, on a backstage segment involving Ric Flair and Vince McMahon. This was on the June 23, 2003 episode of Raw at the MSG.  This one was considered by some as the unofficial debut of the punt kick.

The second one happened at Vengeance: Night of Champions in 2007 in a match for the WWE Championship including Bobby Lashley, King Booker and champion John Cena.

Number 8: RVD

Randy Orton won the Intercontinental Championship from RVD at Survivor Series on 2004.  And that's basically when their rivalry started. 

At their match on the May 28, 2007 episode of Raw, Randy targeted RVD's head and ultimately gave him a concussion.  He not only executed the punt once, but twice in one night (Once inside the ring, and one at the apron against the ring post) among the other moves he hit RVD with.

The Legend Killer was in a head hunt for the ECW Originals at that time.  After RVD, he targeted Tommy Dreamer and beat him.  Then he faced RVD again in a Stretcher Match at One Night Stand which was RVD's last match.

Number 7: Ric Flair

Another Legend who suffered a concussion twice from Randy’s foot was the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.  He was one of Randy’s mentors back in the Evolution days, and basically, Orton had a bone to pick with him.

The first one happened on June 4, 2007 episode of Raw in their match, which Vince McMahon booked out of spite with Flair.  Flair tried to fight off Randy, but Randy won via RKO and a swift kick to his head. 

The second one happened almost exactly two years after, on Raw's June 1, 2009 episode in a Parking Lot Brawl, which ended with Flair inside the steel cage alone with Randy, with Batista looking in from outside.

Personally, I like the first one better because it looked harder.  The second one looked like Randy was so careful not to hurt the old man too much.

Number 6: Batista

Another member of his old stable, Evolution, was Batista.  And this is part of his sweet revenge. 

The punt took place on the December 15, 2008 episode of Raw, during a handicap match with Batista and Cena teaming up against Cody Rhodes, Manu, and Randy Orton.  Batista was knocked out and put out of action due to a head injury as per storyline. The match ended with an RKO and punt to the head of Batista.

But we all know the truth of that is he had a hamstring injury which he elected to finally get operated on.

I like this one a lot because Randy looked so insanely evil after he did it.  His facial expressions and the way his eyes looked were so perfectly demented.  And the punt looked real too, of course.

Number 5: John Cena's Dad

In the seemingly never-ending saga of the rivalry between John Cena and Randy Orton, John’s father became a hapless victim of the Legend Killer’s path to creating the Age of Orton. 

On August 27 2007 episode of Raw, Randy handcuffed Cena to the ring rendering him helpless as he pulled his father from his ringside seat and delivering a resounding punt to the head of the old man.  Randy Orton proved that there was nothing he would not do and no one he would spare to get what he wants.

Number 4: John Cena

You just witnessed the most recent one at the last PPV, Hell in a Cell.  But that kick was not and did not look very potent.  That's because Randy was selling injury to his right leg.  But this one, he wasn't selling any injury. 

The match was at Backlash 2008.  In a Fatal Four Way match for the WWE Championship, with Randy as the champ defending against Cena, Triple H and JBL. It occured after Cena eliminated JBL, making him tap to the STFU.  Immediately after that, Randy ran and kicked Cena in the skull.  He was actually aiming for Triple H, but it did the job.  Randy covered Cena for the pin. 

Well, Randy lost the title to Triple H that night, but that punt was still good.

Number 3: Shawn Michaels

May 17, 2007, Raw, Three days before his Judgment Day Match against Shawn Michaels.  Randy Orton delivered a neck breaking punt to Shawn's head.  The referee Mike Chioda almost stopped the fight on HBK's behalf because he was clearly not capable of holding himself together much longer.  Not to mention having already suffered a concussion from the Great Khali.

Randy Orton defended his actions by saying he was merely seizing the opportunities that presented themselves.  He added, "There's no denying that Shawn Michaels is an icon.  Let's face it, he's a legend. That's why I'm going after him, because I'm the Legend Killer." 

Shawn was just another stepping stone for him to reaching his goal.

In reality, Shawn had a legitimate knee injury, and his last match before leaving was their match at Judgment Day where he collapsed in the ring.

Number 2: Triple H

Randy has delivered a swift kick to Triple H’s head before, but none more satisfying as the one he gave him at Backlash this year, because this one happened during one of the most ‘personal’ feuds ever between himself and Triple H. 

Their feud centered on Randy’s revenge over what he suffered in the hands of Triple H and Evolution, taking out all that was dear to him including his wife, Stephanie and the WWE Championship, of course.

And finally....

Number 1: Vince McMahon

This one provided the most shock value.  On the January 19th episode of Raw this year, nobody expected Randy to slap, kick and punt the boss.  This came after Vince return from an accident (kayfabe) where a scaffold on the stage fell on him on Raw’s 15th anniversary. 

Randy was in an argument with Stephanie McMahon, and asked Vince to have her apologize to him.  Vince refused and proceeded to insult and threaten Randy Orton, and this was his punishment.  I think it was the best one because Vince really looked hurt and Randy looked like he really gave it his best…kick.

 It’s not dubbed “The punt heard around the world” for nothing.

Also check THIS out to see the other Punts to other superstars, including CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Ted DiBiase Jr.

There you have it, my list of Randy Orton’s greatest punts.  I hope you enjoyed looking back and watching the videos I linked. 

I am made to believe there were talks circling around the WWE Universe message board demanding the move to be banned.  I don’t think they would ever do that.   It would be like banning HBK’s Superkick, or Triple H using the sledgehammer.  It’s one of the most potent moves in the WWE.  Besides, it has been an effective way as an ‘excuse’ to take guys off of TV for various reasons.

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