Could Terry's Time Be Coming To a Close?

Bela TrimmelCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2009

Chelsea and England captain John Terry believes it is unthinkable that his career will end without European and World Cup glory.

As the current season unfolds, Terry finds his ultimate plan to be on track.

The Blues have taken maximum point from seven of their eight matches. They are also two for two in their European campaign. Lastly, Fabio Capello's England have qualified for South Africa next year.

While both campagins are still extremely young, is it possible that this will be Terry's last season of professional football?

It Is Possible

Terry was quoted in a ESPN Soccernet article that:

"It would 100% always annoy me if I retired without a Champions League winners' medal with Chelsea or some real success with England. To end my career without either of those things is unthinkable.''

If he can capitalize on both of these goals, then the immortal could likely hang up his boots.

Despite the conditions on the pitch and his mental state, the missed penalty still haunts the defender.

He also seems to be unable to shake the image of Cristiano Ronaldo winking at him as England went out to Portugal in 2006.

"Things like that live with you forever," he went on to add.

Another factor that may hasten his departure if he were to win would be the his past injuries.

Terry has seen himself on the sidelines twice in the last three years from major injuries. As he continues to age, he may take into consideration the ability to bounce back as quickly.

But He May Stay

Two factors are prevalents in keeping the captain around Stamford Bridge and the English National Team.

The first factor would be Englands failure to qualify for the 2008 European Championships.

If the skipper is adament to go out with international glory, he would likely wait around until the qualifying for Euro 2012 would be complete.

If the Lions qualified, which they very well may do, and if he is fit, he could stay around for an attempt at one more trophy.

The second factor plays into the Euro qualification. In 2006, Terry renewed his contract with the club for five years that would take him through 2011.

He would likely re-sign a one year extension just to keep active and fit for the championships.

Terry Would Be Missed

In his decade with the club he has seen the evolution of Chelsea brand into what it is today.

And while at this juncture, there is no reason to believe that Terry will leave the club after the 2010 games, it can be assumed that he would be greatly missed by both club and country.