Ty Lawson Releasing Sneaker-Slippers in Time for Christmas

Zac WassinkFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2016

Sacramento Kings guard Ty Lawson wanted to rock footwear that felt comfortable and looked clean while out on his daily travels. Lawson may have found the answer in his new sneaker-slippers line. 

As Jared Zwerling of NBPA.com explained, Lawson is set to release his line of SLKRS this holiday season. The SLKRS look like oversized sneakers but serve as footwear supposedly more comfortable than a standard sandal. 

According to Zwerling, Lawson wears his SLKRS indoors and outdoors: 

Lawson literally wears the SLKRS everywhere for comfort. For NBA road trips, he wears them to the airport and on plane rides, and to and from arenas for games. He even wore them when he went to the bank last week. 

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