What in the Sam Hell in a Cell Happened!? Where Did The WWE Go Wrong? No ECW?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

Short and easy read.

Aside from the blatantly fake punt to John Cena's head, what happened with the order of matches? What happened to the promise of epic main events? Why did the whole thing seem "Phoned in?!"


I don't need to hear about the picture, I made it, I know it may not be the best quality.

I know I may be late on this, and people may have written similar articles on this. (I haven't looked at any of the others.)

C.M. Punk V The Undertaker. That was the first match? usually these high caliber matches are saved for the middle of the PPV.Let's say this  was not enough, the match was short, safe, and lacked anything different than a standard steel cage match.


Cena v Orton. I liked this one. I thought it was a 6/10 match. Obviously the "Punt," was given the wrong camera angle, but it was descent until the very end.


DX v Legacy. This was a match that (I thought,) was a very good one. This match was brutal (as promised.) The match had surprises, real "Ultra Violence." an 8/10 match, this was a huge step for Legacy.

My contention is simply this. I feel that the order should have been exactly reversed. DX first, Orton v Cena (half way through) then Punk v Taker at the end. As soon as both Championship matches were over, there was no real interest in watching the rest. How do you follow Orton v Cena, with Drew McIntyre?

Another disapointinment would be the lack of the use of the cell. How is the cell different from a cage match, without anyone scaling the structure? Battling on the top...

This had great potential to be a spectacular PPV, without ANY delivery.


Finally, What the hell happened to the standard ECW match!?