John Cena To Smackdown? Bye-Bye To Taker's Streak

Christi LottCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

When I heard John Cena and Randy Orton talking about their Iron Man match on RAW, I wasn't excited. The whole feud has been a bit played out, and the WWE needs to keep Randy Orton away from Cena for now and let him build back serious momentum as a heel. However, once the stipulation of John Cena leaving RAW if he loses was made, one though came to mind:

The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak

For a while now, I've heard people debate the Streak and if it should ever be broken. Some, like myself, say no way. It should be ONE thing that remains, and will obviously never be broken. When other people say it should be ended, one major reason is that it can give a major rub for an up and coming star, and cement him as the future of the company.

John Cena is obviously the WWE's (AKA Vince's) Golden Boy, especially in that age group they're trying to cater to: kids. But for we so-called marks, he's not quite our favorite. This is quite known for the amount of boos he gets. The question is: what kind of rub can John Cena get if the Wrestlemania match were to happen, and he wins?

The right rub: Cena completely and utterly holds his own against The Undertaker, and finally, not in that Superman way though, manages to beat Taker. He has it in him to pull an HBK from this year and make you really believe he could end it, and part of you wouldn't be disappointed. He could finally win the respect of longtime wrestling fans that can't stand him, but won't be able to deny any longer that he's got the goods.

The wrong rub: Cena does what Cena does: gets out of everything, does three moves and either makes Taker tap or pulls some Superman move and gets him for the three count. He continues to get that 50/50 mix and worse reaction and forever becomes the man who ended Taker's streak, and didn't deserve it.

But the real question should be does Cena even need the rub? Need the match? Cena would obviously go in as a babyface, and that doesn't always work for him with PPV audiences. Cena I doubt would ever make a heel turn, so what does he get out of it? I personally prefer it to be Chris Jericho, which would gives us a completely new and different match, as well as a clear heel/face feud.

Who's to say what is in the mind of the creative team in the WWE. I could be completely off base and Cena won't leave RAW.

But stranger things have happened...and could happen.