Week Four: What We Learned About the Chicago Bears

Chris Murphy@@SeeMurphsTweetsAnalyst IOctober 7, 2009

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 04: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears leaps over Julian Peterson #59 of the Detroit Lions to score a touchdown in the first quarter on October 4, 2009 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Yes, it is the fourth week and we are still learning.  This is far different than philosophy class in college. 

The Bears were finally able to win as a Super Bowl contender should against a bad team, although, like any Chicago fan, I'm sure I'll be able to find some negatives about it.


The Bears Defense Started Off Slow Again

In the last three games, the Bears have given up touchdowns on each of their opponents' opening drives.  Never encouraging, but the way they've rebounded is.  The Bears have allowed only 16 second-half points (just one touchdown) in their last three games.

Against the Lions, however, the Bears allowed touchdowns on their first two possessions and 21 first-half points along with 398 total yards in the game.  Essentially, the Bears defense did bend, but didn't break. 

As has been the story of this season for the defense, the second-half adjustments worked.  Charles Tillman was put on Calvin Johnson in the second half and the Bears got to the rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford allowing no touchdowns in seven possessions.

The Lions offense is not laughable, however.  Stafford, running back Kevin Smith, and wide receiver Calvin Johnson are a difficult threesome to defend, so give them some credit. 



The Bears defense had a season-high five sacks and two takeaways deep in Lions' territory. 

Tommie Harris intercepted a Stafford screen pass and returned it six yards to the Detroit eight.  The interception led to a Greg Olsen touchdown.  Israel Idonije sacked Stafford, forcing a fumble that Adewale Ogunleye, who finished with two-and-a-half sacks (god bless athletes in contract years), recovered at the Detroit 19.  The fumble led to a Robbie Gould field goal.  

Although the defense did allow a lot, mostly in the first half, they did essentially give the offense 10 points back and only allowed three points in the second half. 


Jay Cutler, Come On and Raise Up, Take His Feet Out, Spin Him Like A Helicopter

Cutler was able to find nine different connections for the Bears going 18 for 28, with 141 yards and two TDs along with three carries for eight yards and a touchdown. 

Can you even name nine offensive options on the Bears? 

The rushing touchdown was a sight to see, since I didn't realize quarterbacks can get hit anymore.  I guess only quarterbacks with certain jerseys can't get hit.  That jersey can be purchased with a free set of tampons and a massage from Chris Berman and Steve Berthiaume.  

If you want to win over Chicago fans then you will get in the end zone even if it means pulling the most annoying Madden move, running it as the quarterback.  I die a little inside each time I'm forced to use my 91 speed at quarterback, but it is good watching the quarterback of the Bears do it in real life.


Forte Looked Good...Way Better Than the Cleverness of this Headline

Forte had 121 yards on 12 carries including a career-long 61-yard run and a 37-yard touchdown run. 

Unfortunately, I'm sure you noticed that 98 of his 121 yards came on two carries.  You have to start somewhere, however, so this could be the game that gets Forte going. 

Nice to see the offensive line knock around a bad defensive line.


No One Told Johnny Knox or the ball boy Chicago Didn't Get the Olympics...Too Soon?

Johnny Knox, along with the ball boy, decided to run the 102-yard dash even though Chicago didn't get the Olympics, opening the second half and breaking the 21-21 tie.  Knox now leads the NFL in kick return average with 35.8 yards per return. 

The conservative group "Americans for Prosperity" didn't cheer on Knox prospering due to President Obama being a Bears fan and Chicago now being apart of Russia according to their maps.

What was lost in Knox's return was how well everyone on special teams did.  Danieal Manning, Devin Hester, and Earl Bennett each had nice returns, Robbie Gould hit a 52-yard field goal (even after my unjinxing of his jinx which could have easily led to a new jinx), and Brad Maynard, along with his beautiful eyes (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about) had all four of his punts land inside the 20 yard-line including one landing out of bounds at the two.  


Overall, a nice win for the Bears and a perfect time for a bye week considering this will give the Bears time to heal.  Hester, Knox, Adrian Peterson, and Zack Bowman all went down during the game against the Lions, but with the bye week, all should play against the Atlanta Falcons.