Cowboy Nation: TO Vs RW

David SalinasContributor IOctober 7, 2009

DENVER - OCTOBER 04:  Roy Williams #11 of the Dallas Cowboys makes a pass reception and is pushed out of bounds by Champ Bailey #24 of the Denver Broncos in the first quarter during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on October 4, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Rank of NFL Receivers through the first 4 games of the 2009-2010 season

28.  Roy Williams

I shouldn't waste my time.  I have better things to do.  I've educated a large number of my people on this subject, and have the data to prove my findings.  Numbers don't lie.  Yet every time I turn on the tube, listen to sports radio or read from internet sports sites, I have to watch, listen and read the bull that questions replacing the productivity of TO.  OK people, let's get down to it.

Was there productivity to replace?  Yes.  There was a great number of touchdowns.  There were highlights, there was speed, and fear on opponents DCs (defensive coordinators).  There was also popcorn in the helmet, diva type complaining, drama, and basic pandemonium.  Male teams of any sport are not accustom to this type of.....what do you even call it?  Female type issues?  I'm not sure, but what I am sure about is that the days of TO going off are nearly over.  He may have a few games left where he will score multiple times.  That may happen.  It's just like Wesley Snipes said in "White Man Can't Jump" may be able to pull a couple of passes outcha @ss.  But show me what you can really do.  It appears that time has passed.

Why?  It's real simple.  Defenses have figured TO out.  They found the wrinkle that sets TO off and are able to shut him down.  It all started last year against Green Bay.  Dallas won that game, but TO was almost a non factor.  TO himself knew it was a problem, but hoped no one would notice.  The Packers were able to play TO physically on the line of scrimmage, pushing his timing off with the TR.  And let's not forget the fact that he will drop a lot of balls.  A lot of balls.  If you disturb TO's rhythm, his production will suffer.  After the Green Bay game, every team followed the concept, save for San Francisco.  In the San Fran game, TO went off for three touchdowns, and all because the DBs played off of him.  He got into rhythm, grabbed his timing, and he was off.  But no other team gave him that luxury.  So he had multiple games with 30 or 45 yards receiving.  And now, DCs have continued the same game plan with the Bills.

I wondered if he would flourish in Buffalo.  A young, promising QB, a strong running game, decent O-line, what's not to like?  But I knew if teams used the pattern of defense against him, he would surely suffer.  Now, granted, he needs time to gel with that offense, and QB.  He was present for all, or most of the off season conditioning.  In my opinion, he should be ready to go, four games in, he should be flourishing.  But he's not.  In four games, 1/4 of the season, TO has caught 8 passes.

8 receptions in four games?  And they want the Cowboys to miss this?  Is this the mark of a #1 receiver?  All the talking sport heads say yes.  And they add insult to injury when they all say that Roy Williams will not be able to replace him.  Yet Roy has 11 catches.  Roy has more yards, yards per game, has produced more first downs.  His longest reception?  66 yards.  TO's 43.  The only thing TO is leading Roy in is average yards per catch:  19.8 for TO, 19.5 for Roy.  Not really a difference. 

So has Roy Williams replaced TO adequately?  He has, and then some.  Although the Cowboys are struggling, it is not the fault of Williams.  Tony Romo has that honor.  

As for Terrell, he has lost the right to call himself TO.  His name is now just Terrell.  TO is gone, figured out by some of the best defensive coaches out there.  That players greatness has been siphoned by age and ego, and now resides six feet under where ever he stands.  And just to pour a little salt on Terrell's wounds, he's not even the leading receiver on his team.  That honor belongs to RB Fred Jackson.  

Again, I'd like to extend my apologies to Buffalo, not only did we take two Super Bowls from your fair city, now we're just dumping garbage like Terrell on your team.  Sorry.

So next time you hear someone say that the Cowboys won't be able to replace Terrell Owens, give them the facts.  

Just the facts.  OK, maybe not just the facts...shove it down their throat.